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However, the factors impacting motivation or arousing motivation may be extrinsic or intrinsic. The base or root for employee motivation lies in their…
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Motivation in the Work Place
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November 27, 2009 Motivation in the Work Place Motivation in the workplace plays significant role in harnessingthe tremendous hidden potential within every employee. However, the factors impacting motivation or arousing motivation may be extrinsic or intrinsic. The base or root for employee motivation lies in their intrinsic needs, which was first proposed by Maslow’s (1954) hierarchy of needs (Marriner-Tomey, 92), which postulated that motivation of human behaviour corresponds to the level of satisfaction. This means, the first order needs have to be satisfied in order for human being to be motivated by the next order needs. Components of this model, from lowest to the highest are in the order, physical needs, safety and security needs, social needs of love and belonging, esteem needs of respect and confidence, and finally self-actualization needs of knowledge and understanding.
At workplace, employees want to be safe and secure from physical, social, financial,
psychological and other types of harm or failures. Employees want to be ensured
that their job and workplace environment are safe from external threats. They also expect
financial security, in terms of earnings, in the form of benefits like insurance and pension
benefits. Security needs refer to the desires for security and stability at work, without the
threat of loss of job, loss of income, or any other threats that could deprive them of their
financial, physical, or emotional support derived from their work. Another perspective of
security needs are fair and justified management practices that reinforce the security
needs. These management practices include antidiscrimination policies, unbiased
approach, transparency in measurement and metrics, and equal opportunities for growth
and development (Marriner-Tomey, 91).
Baumeister (p.88) asserts that esteem needs are required to enhance a person’s overall personality by providing a sense of achievement and shielding negative emotions. Self-esteem is associated with confidence and high expectations of success; high self-esteem is associated with optimism and lower anxiety. It also provides a sense of integrity and adequacy. Maslow’s theory points towards need for respect from others and from self. Respect from others confers recognition, acceptance and appreciation. Realizing that human being is a social animal, the Sociometer theory proposes that man continually tries to seek inclusion into social groups. Psychologically, it reduces anxiety and improves health (Baumeister, 89). Employees’ self-esteem is enhanced by gaining recognition in the form of awards and appreciations, and a need to enhance self-esteem, in order for the employees to feel included in the virtual social ‘wanted’ circles, is an effective motivator (Marriner-Tomey, 92).
Self-actualization needs refer to self-fulfilment in terms of all the activities a person can do or is capable of doing. This is driven by individual’s desires, interests and passion towards specific activity or job. Self-actualization needs occupy the topmost position in Maslow’s hierarchy. While the other motives are sought in order to fill deficiencies in one’s life or work, the self-actualization needs are sought in order to pursue growth and development (Gordon, 244). However, without realization of the other needs, self-actualization needs may not be very motivating to the employees. Achieving self-actualization in the work sphere is highly motivating for the employees because they tend to enjoy their job.
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