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How to apply motivation in the work place Introduction In today’s hypercompetitive workplace, where companies are seeking to edge past their rivals, motivation is seen as the key factor for the employees to improve their performance. Every employee would want to get recognized for the effort they have put in their workplace to get recognition…
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How to apply motivation in the work place
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Download file to see previous pages Leibenstein argued more than forty years ago that “for a variety of reasons people and organizations normally work neither as hard nor as effectively as they could” and the both of them regarded motivation as an important factor to improve the efficiency of both employees an motivation. Since then, the debate has been on about what really motivates the people in the organization. It was found that an organization would really progress based on the commitment of the employees towards the organization rather than keeping them under their control. This led to the emergence of innovative management practices which targeted to enhance employees’ commitment towards the company through different techniques (Buford, 1993). Research question How to apply motivation in the work place? Background of Study Among the many functions that the Human Resource department has to work on, keeping employees motivated and retaining them is the foremost challenge that any organization face. Hence it is of the paramount importance that the employees stay motivated and hence new management practices be adopted to give them a boost in their motivation so that they can exert much more effort in the business. For any organization the employees are the key resource, neglecting which can lead to catastrophic results like strike, shutdown etc. which will result in insurmountable loss that the company may not be able to bear. Hence organizations are trying to come up with new techniques to attack this issue and lower the retention level. Through foundation of studies, research theories and practical examples this paper will address the issue of what actually motivates the employees and what the managers need to do to achieve it and supports motivation and hence the performance. Literature Review Numerous researchers have investigated the relationship that exists between job satisfaction and work motivation. In the current business scenario, organizations across industries are experiencing rapid competition. In this competitive environment the companies must consider the human factor that is becoming more and more important for the organization to survive. Business excellence will be achieved only when employees are motivated to work for the company (Dam, 2008). In difficult circumstances like violence, fear, tragedy, job insecurity the stress factor puts burden on the employees which result in reduced performance. Nowadays organizations have come to realize that motivated and satisfied employees are needed to powerfully deliver their task. As employee motivation is one of the primary tasks of management hence it is of prime importance that the management takes care of the employee’s needs. Motivation Motivation is the willingness of the employees to exert high efforts to achieve organizational goals, which must also satisfy some individual need. Here the important factor is the ‘need’ which is internal to the employee that makes certain outcome appears attractive. It is basically the psychological forces which determine the amount of effort along with the persistence level that the employee shows while facing any obstacle. A motivated employee himself finds solution to any obstacle that he will face and keep moving forward (Hay, 2002). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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