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RECRUITMENT - Essay Example

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This strategy will ensure that employees are not falling on the trap of either underrating or overrating the tasks at hand, which…
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Extract of sample "RECRUITMENT"

Recruitment Question It is important for employers to be transparent when it comes to exemplification of duties their employees are supposed to carryout on a daily basis. This strategy will ensure that employees are not falling on the trap of either underrating or overrating the tasks at hand, which interferes with productivity. The approach of presenting the applicants with both negative and positive information regarding a particular job is effective to both the employer and the applicant. The employer stands to benefit since he can count on a low turnover rate, while the applicant goes to employment having in mind what exactly the job stipulation is. Employers will not have to take drastic measures aimed at increasing employee morale; this is because the employee during the application process already knew what she was getting into in the first place. The approach is also strategic in that the employee will eliminate applicants whose motivation in the work place will be derailed by the negative aspects of the job. This saves time and resources for the employer in terms of not training an employee who will not match up the job’s expectations. On the other hand, the applicant is given a chance to look for a different job, which matches up her expectations (Pickard 1).
Question # 2
The first disadvantage associated with this approach is the fact that many applicants become discouraged and develop negative attitudes towards a task they have not already engaged. For instance, presenting the applicants with videos depicting views of other employees regarding their job may instill negativity in an employee who is highly motivated. This is true because some employees are usually more motivated than others; they see any negativity as an avenue for a new opportunity (Pickard 1).
The second disadvantage is on the side of the employer. Many capable employees will be turned down, and the employer will be obligated to channel more resources to be used for advertisement purposes. The employer will waste a lot of time looking for suitable employees and this result in unproductive working days (Pickard 1).
The third disadvantage is that the method kills any morale or inner motivation from an applicant. The employees in the video may state many positive aspects of the job and a single negative aspect. The applicants may come to register the negative aspect, which results in killing their morale for that job. The negativity expressed by the employees maybe personal, furthermore it may also be difficult to prove the truthfulness of the employees in the video (Pickard 1).
Question # 3
Other arguments that support ‘warts and ill’ include the idea of discouraging and eliminating applicants who are not willing to put a lot of effort in the workplace. It is true to say that certain applicants look for jobs whereby they can joyride and avoid carrying out their specific duties. Another argument is that a job recruitment process may attract a lot of applicants, and the only way of eliminating some of them will be through presenting them with videos that depict the actual working process. All these applicants maybe highly qualified and thus put pressure on the recruiters on selecting the most suitable. The videos also serve to rekindle motivation in individuals. In essence, the videos draw a line, which separates the applicants who are just looking for jobs from the applicants who are determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done (Pickard 1).
Works Cited
Pickard J. "INSIDE TRACK: Warts-and-all hiring policy. The way to attract the right staff is to tell them the truth." Financial Times (2001): 1. Print Read More
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RECRUITMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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