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The policies of MB-petroleum services Company ensure that the given job opportunities go to people who have the required knowledge, attitude, abilities, and skills. Furthermore, through such a process, bias with…
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Recruitment process
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Recruitment process Recruitment process Many companies have recruitment policies meant to govern them. The policies of MB-petroleumservices Company ensure that the given job opportunities go to people who have the required knowledge, attitude, abilities, and skills. Furthermore, through such a process, bias with regard to gender, marital status, race, color or religion are avoided. The authority matrix in the company is competent enough to ensure a transparent recruitment process (Lee, 2012:18). The individuals that run this process include: HR Manager, HRBP, Recruitment Manager, Line Manager, Recruiters, Recruitment Team, and offers Administrator.
Definitions of Recruitment and selection process
Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring qualified candidates for a job opening. However, recruitment process involves attracting, hiring, and interviewing new employees. On the other hand, selection process is the evaluation of candidate, through interview, for specific job. There is a difference between recruitment and selection process. Recruitment process mostly involves attracting candidates who are later hired for a job upon qualifications. The selection process involves identifying the qualities needed for a candidate to quality for a job.
Theories of recruitment
Internal methods
Internal methods of recruitment are usually done for the preparation of a recruitment process. There are a number of internal methods of recruitment. The first process in recruitment is job analysis. This entails reviewing the manpower plan of the company frequently so as to establish a gap. The Human Resource Manager liaises with the head of departments so as to see whether a job position in a given sector is necessary. Such a position should be ideal in that it should allow for future promotion and expansion. Once such a job position is confirmed, the concerned HR manager fills a requisition form which is sent to the Line Manager. The Line Manager then submits it to the Recruitment Manager upon its approval. The Recruitment Manager has the final say hence his approval leads to creation of a vacancy. (Lee, 2012:19).this new development comes with a myriad of details that include: job posting which involves the possibility of workers within the company applying for the created vacancy; reference number of the vacancy, postal postal association and the academic qualifications, skills and experience required for the vacancy.
The second stage involves writing the Job Description and PS. The departmental heads are vital components when it comes to giving the boundaries of the job in the form of a job description. This is simply because he or she is familiar with one-on-one operations of the various dockets he or she is in charge of. The job description outlines the significance of the job, tasks and duties involved, responsibility for any decision made, supervisory role as well as the minimum requirement for the job(academic, training and experience) the approval of the job description should go hand in hand with the company’s procedures (Bukhari, 2007: 62).
After the consent of the vacancy and presentation of the job description, the recruitment panel would decide on a recruitment method to be employed (Krizan, 2006:495). Depending on the job advertised for and the number of applicants estimated to present themselves the recruitment team will make subtle changes in the general framework shown below:
The next task is deciding the application method. Applications can be presented in various ways depending on the applicant’s relation to the company. Most applicants will use online application. In this case ones resume is sent via internet to the company’s database. Another form is an offline application whereby the recruitment team fills the details of the candidates in oracle i-recruitment. Another case could be an employee referral whereby an employee of the company wishing to apply for the vacancy will log into i-recruitment and create his or her candidate account (Bukhari, 2007:51). More so, application for internal applicants can be taken into consideration as per the internal job posting procedures. The team should then come up with a mechanism to inform the applicant of the status of his or her application. Whether it is active or not. The method of screening for the desired applicants is also a subject of deliberation at this level (Wengert, 2007:77).
Finally, job marketing has to be done after all the above processes have been accomplished. This will show that recruitment team is ready enough to carry out the recruitment exercise. It involves advertisement from both within and outside the company premises through job boards, printed media, (Lee, 2012:19) the internet and communication agents.
Direct method of recruitment
This method involves representatives of an organization getting into direct contact with the potential candidates that are seeking jobs. However, some organizations establish direct contact with learning institutions to obtain information about students with good academic records. They, therefore, send their representatives to seminars which becomes an open forum for getting into direct contact with potential candidate (Wengert, 2007:117).
In direct method of recruitment
This method deals with advertisements done on the television and radio, in news papers, technical magazines, and in professional journals. There are a number of reasons that make organizations use indirect methods of recruitments. The first one is when organizations want to access a vast territory (Krizan, 2006:115). The second one is when organizations fail to find out suitable candidates for filling up the higher posts. The other reason is when organizations want to fill up professional, technical, and scientific posts.
In conclusion, from the above methods of recrutments it is certain that the recruitment team will come up with the most competent of the applicants. It also ensures that bias such as first degree relationships with the recruitment team or one position in the company is avoided. In addition, it boosts the confidence of the management knowing that the tasks to be issued are in safe hands.
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