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Business and Leisure Events - Essay Example

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He gets involves in divergent activities related to earning his bread on the one hand, and keep himself happy, healthy and active on the other. Hence, his business and recreational activities go hand in…
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Business and Leisure Events
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Download file to see previous pages All these activities come under the fold of business events. Before embarking upon the topic, it would be advisable to define business events. Business event simply refers to an event, arranged, administered or managed by the ownership, board of directors or executive of an organization, which contains the element of the corporate activity, and the purpose of such arrangement is the expansion and development of the organization. Such an event may be co-organized by the staff members and sponsor companies usually related to beverage and IT companies and news channels etc. The important business events have been briefly described as following:
Training Sessions: Training sessions are an essential part of business events, and are carried out by all big and small companies, industries and business units. The main objective behind conducting training sessions is to make the employees, managers and workers obtain technical, theoretical and practical exposure regarding the tasks related to their corporate responsibilities while working at different departments of the organization. Training sessions increase workers’ efficiency, communication skills, IT expertise, customers’ satisfaction proficiency and employment adeptness.
Educational Workshops: Like training sessions, educational workshops are also conducted by the corporations as business events. The main difference between the training sessions and educational workshops is this that in the training sessions, specific technical abilities related to the relevant department is concentrated upon by the trainers. On the contrary, in educational workshops, the employees learn some new course or skill essential for their professional liabilities.
Staff Meetings: Staff meetings are frequently called by the directors, managers and owners in order to devise and revise strategies, make plans, articulate schemes and introduce projects as well as for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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