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Introduction The beginning of events planning can be traced back to the late 1800. However, it was not until the year 1915 that event planning became officially recognized by the United Kingdom government (Bowdin et al., 2006: 18). The core reasons which motivated the formal recognition of events planning by the UK government include: the increased number of events in the country, the need to have well organised events, increased revenue generated from some events, development of technology, increased civilisation, increased number of events in the country as well as elevated level of information concerning event planning (Bowdin et al., 2006: 18)…
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Event Management: For Tourism, Cultural, Business and Sporting Events
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Download file to see previous pages Between 1970s and 1980s, large multipurpose halls were constructed, being mostly funded by local authorities for hosting events (Barbieri, 2002: 40). As a result of highly significant growth of events industry worldwide, the need for events management was acknowledged in 1985s (Bowdin et al., 2006: 32). According to Bowdin et al (2006: 18) and Harris (2009: 51), management of events became popular due to development of the industry, increase in the number of events, elevated amount of resources required in planning for an event, emergence of competent professionals to plan for events as well as emergence of complex technology in the industry. Despite its positive outcome, event management also brings with it some challenges and complications which lead to the emergence of several difficulties to events stakeholders such as customers, employees, scholars and management (Bowdin et al., 2006: 33). ...
Ransburg (2008: 73), event management has to do with identification of audiences, creating concepts in an event, coming up with logistics and coordinating all event aspects before implementing the planned event. On the other hand, Harris (2009: 51) defined event management as application of management skills in the development of events. As observed by Joe (2007: 121), event management helps in the communication of management aspect in organisations. However, in the general terms, event management has been the way that organizations deal with their events. Event management encompasses the objectives of an organization for events management, assigned responsibilities and roles, ownership of processes and tools, standards, success factors and procedures followed in handling events (Christie and McAteer, 2006: 20; Dolles and Soderman, 2008: 153). The main focus of event management is the way different departments involved are connected and the way information flows between them (Christie and McAteer, 2006: 20). Events are often categorized on the basis of size and include mega, major, hallmark and community events (Musgrave, 2011: 258; Bowdin et al., 2006: 39). Local events usually target local visitors and are mostly organized for fun, entertainment or social value for instance birthday celebrations. Major events attract large audience, coverage in the media and economic benefits given their size and the media interest (Bowdin et al., 2006: 39). Organizational Planning The process of planning for events follows a similar approach as one used in organizational planning. According to Deery and Jago (2005: 379), organisational planning entails the entire process of coming up with short term and long term goals of an organisation. Jones (2005: 195) further defines ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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