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REPORT - Essay Example

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Tourism Report Name: Institution: Assessment 1: Restaurant report and menu development. Restaurant meal as “an experience”. The events in a restaurant should satisfy both the biological and psychological needs of the customer. Restaurant experiences should begin from the time of entry by the customer, the meal time and the exit of the client…
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Download file to see previous pages Staff at the restaurant should address customers politely avoiding stereotypes along race or class. The FAMM model The Five Aspects Meal Model refers factors that play an important role in the restaurant to make the meal experience an entire process. These factors include the room, the meeting, the product, the management control system and the atmosphere. The meeting Service and service quality is considered as a ‘meeting’ depending on the way that the customer is treated. To understand the value of the meeting, a restaurant staff needs to have knowledge of social psychology and rules of etiquette. Higher education is vital for service staff to exhibit mature social interaction in the restaurant. Service staffs make the major contact between a client and the restaurant. A waiter should to explain to the client what is in the menu and the preparation time of meals in a friendly manner. Arrogant waiters can make the whole dining experience very boring to the client. Waiters should also understand that customers might elevate their own social status in a restaurant. A customer can pretend to be successful and rich. (Kivela, 1994, pp 24).Waiters should be able to assist customers who are less experienced in hotel dining. A waiter who is more helpful than arrogant to an ignorant client will help the restaurant obtain a good reputation.(Finkelstein,1989, pp 34). The room Many meals are consumed in a room. The person offering meals in a commercial setting should improve the eating environment to meet the client’s needs in the best way. Decoration of the room should take into consideration aspects such as style, history of the room, and the design of the room. The created eating environment in a restaurant setting is called a ‘service scape’ (Bitner, 1992, pp102). Modification of the context of a room can influence our taste of wine (Hersleth et al., 2003, pp54). The beliefs and past experiences of a client while consuming food in the same environment changes depending on the context of the eating. Meals need to be in agreement with the overall style of the restaurant (Bowen &Morris, 1995, pp56).Restaurant interiors should also be in agreement with the type of food offered. The product The product component is made of the foods and beverages served in a restaurant including their combination. Waiters in a restaurant are able to use their theoretical and practical knowledge of food and drink to suggest on choice of wine and food. The main purpose of having immense knowledge of food and beverages by the customer is to be able to satisfy the client’s need for the perfect combination of food and beverages. A study by (Nygren, 2004, pp98) has shown that sometimes food and wine combinations fit together but occasionally they do not .The visual effect of the product also has an effect on the restaurant experience of the customer. A study by (Warde and Martens,2000pp210) shows that visual effect played a vital role in creating success for the restaurant. In some extreme cases, the appearance of the dish was an indicator of whether the restaurant had succeeded. The taste of the food should meet the expectation of the client.( Fine, 1992,pp104).Consumers of readymade food for example expect their food to taste good .Sensory characteristics of food is vital in any restaurant. The management control system. Leadership and economic issues are under the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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