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Metrics That Will Measure the Success of Event - Research Paper Example

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This research will develop metrics that will measure the success of the event: Business conferences held in the Philippines. In order for an activity to be dubbed a success, it is essential that a baseline of what makes an activity a success should be determined…
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Metrics That Will Measure the Success of Event
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Extract of sample "Metrics That Will Measure the Success of Event"

Download file to see previous pages The study will develop the metrics if not the criteria that will determine the success or failure of an event. Success, as it is, should not be measured in terms of financial gain alone or by opinions of those who attended it since their opinion may not only be tainted but also biased towards or against the event as a whole. Success should consider the attainment of the goals of the other sectors involved in the event such as the government in meeting their tourism traffic. Another measure of success is the peaceful and accident-free conduct of the event for the agency in charge of safety and security. Success can also be measured by the food industry sector when there have been no complaint or raves have been forthcoming from the participants. In terms of the hospitality industry, success can be measured by the provisioning of rooms or accommodation and other hospitality services to guests in the most efficient manner. One of the goals therefore of the proposed study is to show how events can galvanize the objectives of the food industry, the hospitality industry, the safety, and security industry, the government specifically its strategy to increase tourism traffic if the management and organizations of the event are not only well planned but also well executed. It is hoped that all sectors such as the food industry, hospitality industry and safety and security industries involved in the execution of an event will be informed of their importance and how their contribution and non-contribution in an event can make an event a disaster or a success. To ensure that the aims and goal of this paper are achieved it is the objective of this paper to determine the monetary and social cost implication of specific events to the organizers, local culture, tourism industry and the participants themselves. The potential of events as a vehicle to harness and advertise local tourism could be a potential solution for tourist destinations that will reinvigorate if not revitalize its tourism industry. There are instances that events are even used to highlight if not present the cultural heritage of one location. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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