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Job Satisfaction Ratings - Essay Example

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He founded Apple (at 21 years old) along with Steve Wozniak in 1976 with his parents’ garage as their laboratory (The trouble, 2008). At the age of 25, he was already worth $200…
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Job Satisfaction Ratings
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Download file to see previous pages His innovative ideas have shaped the music and film-making industries (The trouble, 2008). As an innovative leader, he reportedly co-invented 103 inventions (e.g. Ipod interface) patented by Apple (The trouble, 2008).
Steve Jobs has a vision and goals for the company and pursues them until they are realized. He applies a hands-on approach to management (The trouble, 2008). He has such a magnetic influence in the business circle that his presence in Apple affects the market value of the company. As a person, he can be viewed as persistent and determined on his goals that despite his previous unpleasant experience with Apple (removed from the company), he did not allow that experience affect him but instead, upon his return to Apple, he transformed it into a billion dollar venture with new product line-up.
His leadership approach of working with more than a hundred employees (out of 25,000) from the cross-section of the organization for key ideas (Steve Jobs speaks, 2008) is a manifestation of a democratic or participative leadership (Leadership styles, 2009). These ideas are passed around for their comments and inputs wherein all angles of the ideas are explored and debated upon (Steve Jobs speaks, 2008). He can also be classified as a transformational leader that inspires his team to share his vision and sought out initiatives that can add a new value or input (Leadership styles, 2009). His infectious vision for innovation is shown with iPhone wherein he told his team to throw away what it was doing the previous year, start all over and work harder that caused his subordinates to rally behind him and sign them up for the new project (Steve Jobs speaks, 2008). Taylor (2009) characterizes him to belong to the Great Man Theory of Leadership because of his “CEO-centric model of executive power” which is archaic and inapplicable in the current state of business (para. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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