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Thermo Scientific offers a wide range of scientific products ranging from high-end analytical instruments, reagents & consumables, laboratory equipments, software & services for routine testing to complex research and discovery. They provide world class solutions for the…
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Download file to see previous pages The performance management system at Thermo Scientific is majorly past-performance oriented. There is a very Limited focus upon future performance i.e. evaluation of an employees potential or setting future performance goals or his suitability for handling bigger responsibilities.
Since the rating scale ranges from 1-4, less chances of a bell shaped curve resulting due to Forced distribution. Use of Bell curve creates a lot of dissatisfaction amongst employees as this system leads to forced categorization; reduced organizational flexibility even for deserving candidates.
A component of self appraisal for employee’s involvement & commitment to the improvement process could be added. Citation of reasons for variations between ‘expected’ & ‘actual’ performance should be a necessary component of self appraisal.67
Competencies vary across managerial levels. But, in the performance appraisal form, no such categorization seems to have been made. The same form applies to all the employee designations. It is suggested that more sophisticated methods for senior executive positions should be used.
The filling of appraisal form should be made online. This will save time for an organization like Thermo Scientific which has branches across diverse areas. It will also lead to savings of a lot of paper.
There is a need for a Mandatory ‘Appraisal & Counseling’ Interview; staff should be given opportunity to discuss performance which encourages a two-way communication and allows the candidate to address his concerns
The component of Management by Objectives (MBO) should be a necessary addition to the Performance Management System at Thermo Scientific. In MBO, the management & employees agree upon a set of objectives and then work to attain them. It is a process of participative goal setting. The employee feels more accountable if he is involved in deciding his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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