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Introduction to e-commerce - Essay Example

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Unwired Planet brought the application WAP, an acronym of “wireless application protocol used as an application network communication for wireless communication environment” (Stallings, 2004). Experts have indicated that such an application is secure, and varying types of…
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Introduction to e-commerce
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"Introduction to e-commerce"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, it exceeded the expectations of today’s technology, and enabled the communication industry to integrate their functionality. However, in today’s highly modernized communication world, WAP has some limitations to its functionality. Visible limitations include 1) the pace by which the wireless application protocol is transferred from wireless networks to handheld devices 2) Undeniably, high updating cost of WAP device and WAP content 3) inability of handheld devices using the application to transfer large and bulk amount of data 4) high monetary value of application (Landers, 2002).
Moreover, specific engineering of WAP supports only handheld devices in a modern wireless environment. Its limitations make it unreliable to optimize WAP features and the benefits of the application. “Low bandwidth, high network latency, slow data processing, limited memory, and different obstacles make the application process slow in wireless devices” (Landers, 2002). By pooling abovementioned limitations, one could easily understand that WAP is not user friendly for hand held devices. Therefore, it is necessary to design a substitute suite of technologies that will provide functionality comparable to standard technologies. In addition, the potential of WAP to revolutionize the practice awaits exploration until or unless the technology associated with the WAP receives alteration (Stallings, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., H 2010, ‘Online customers, digital marketing: The CMO-CIO connection.’ Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, vol. 11, pp. 219-221. Rayport, J, and Jaworski, B. 2002, Introduction to E-Commerce. McGraw-Hill, New York. Souder, W. E. and Sherman, J 1994, Managing New Technology Development, McGraw-Hill, Inc, USA. Stair, R. M. and Reynolds, G 2009, Principles of Information Systems, Cengage Learning Turban E and King D, 2003, Introduction to E-Commerce, Prentice Hall Turban E, King D, Lee J K and Viehland D, 2006, Electronic commerce: A Managerial Perspective 4th ed., Prentice Hall... these companies are very serious to go online therefore they are re-launching this venture rather than scrapping it. These companies are not...
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