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The applications essay "For Consideration of the Application " states that the author would describe himself in a few lines here, to let the reader know some of the leadership abilities that he possesses, which are going to be helpful to me in my professional life…
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For Consideration of the Application
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I believe in others’ competencies and know, how to motivate them to make the best use of their capabilities. I always volunteer to support others morally and physically in whatever means I can to improve productivity. I believe in fairness. I know that customers must be given first priority. I consider them as the most important asset of any business. Their opinion matters a lot and I value their feedback. Moreover, all employees must be treated at an equal level without any favoritism or bias. They should be compensated for their hard work and must be paid in time.

These values and standards make one an ethical leader whom others want to follow because they get the inspiration to work even harder to become future leaders. I am proud of my capabilities as a leader and can prove to be an ethical leader in the profession I will pursue. I hope I have been able to let the reader know what kind of leadership capabilities I possess, or strive to possess, in a few lines. Read More
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