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Consequently, I decided to apply for the position since I find myself qualified and well fit for the position. Evidently, I have worked in the same docket and so…
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Senator: Public Relations/Outreach-Comunications/Media
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Application essay Introduction Apparently, following the advertisement in the national gazette, for the position of public relations in the senate. Consequently, I decided to apply for the position since I find myself qualified and well fit for the position. Evidently, I have worked in the same docket and so I am well experienced in the field of public relations. On the same note, my qualifications will be elaborated and comprehensively discussed in the subsequent sections.
It is worth noting that, I am applying for this position for the sole reason of serving the general public. In addition to that, my outgoing personality will serve to better my work performance which requires continuous interaction with people. Thus, for this reason I am the most suitable candidate for this position.
Notably, my major reason for the seeking of this elected position is solemnly because I have the interest of the people. Evidently, once given this position of public relations in the senate, I can be able to air the views of the public to the government since I act as a go link between the government and the people.
In summation, your consideration for this position will be highly appreciated since I can achieve great things during the course of my tenure in office. To this end, if I am elected I will serve my role with upmost accuracy and determination towards serving the general public and towards the senate.
"NEW JOB-VACANCY REPORT REVEALS REASONS FOR OPTIMISM...”States News Service [Nairobi] 8 Mar. 2010: 34. Print. Read More
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