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First, the Director should have spoken to the Executive Team to pass the message to the chosen team members. This would make all the recruited members to take the work…
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Case study discussion questions
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Case Study: The Quality Improvement (QI) Team Kick-off What factors related to team formation do you think contributedto the poor attendance at Jeff’s kick off meeting?
The main problem was that Jeff’s director merely assigned him a task without considering all the factors. First, the Director should have spoken to the Executive Team to pass the message to the chosen team members. This would make all the recruited members to take the work seriously. Second, Jeff is a relatively junior employee who cannot be taken seriously by departmental heads who are expected to make up the team. Therefore, the Director of quality department should have taken the initiative to meet with the other departmental heads and clearly explain the agenda of the meeting. Thirdly, Jeff should have given additional explanation in the email, which would make the team members understand the purpose and the main goals that led to the formation of that team (Rubino, Salvador Esparza & Yolanda, 145).
2. Based on what you’ve learned, what advice would you give Jeff about how to manage the formation of a new team?
Jeff should start by researching and establishing everything required for the success of the team. Second, it is important to convince the Director of Quality Department to talk to the Executive Team. The Executive can then send a directive to all potential members and inform them of the first meeting. The Executive can develop a protocol for the team with the help of Jeff. This would guarantee that the team can function because the members will compelled to attend all the meetings. Protocols add a sense of responsibility from all team members (Rubino, Salvador Esparza & Yolanda, 150) Finally, Jeff should be able to, clearly, explain to all team members why it is important to start this team.
3. Assuming the team does not get started, are there any steps Jeff can take to keep members engaged and involved in its efforts?
Jeff can get the Executive team to compel the members to get involved as part of their job responsibility. This will work because all employees are expected to work of the good of the organisation. Alternatively, Jeff can talk to each member and sell his idea and the dream he has for the organization. This would be more appropriate if Jeff has enough time. As the team leader, Jeff should be able to know all the members well and understand why they did not come for the meeting. This would help him convince them to join the team. In addition, they are more likely to listen to him if they believe that he is understanding and caring.
4. What do you think Jeff should do in his next effort to get the team underway?
First, Jeff should definitely speak to his Director to communicate to the team members. The members are likely to take the issue seriously when it is coming from a senior personnel. Secondly, Jeff should communicate to all members his vision and goals. This is because these goals direct the purpose of the team (Rubino, Salvador Esparza & Yolanda, 138). There is a chance that this people never took him seriously because they cannot see or understand his goals and vision for the organisation. He should try to talk to each team member and explain the importance of forming the team and why it is important to have them as members of the team (Rubino, Salvador Esparza & Yolanda, 141). Everyone appreciates feeling important and useful. Jeff should convince each member that they are needed because they will contribute to achieving the goals of the organisation.
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