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It is mainly used for establishing multimedia enabled communication sessions so that both video and voice calls can be made over and Internet based network (Johnston 2004). A SIP trunk…
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Sip trunk
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Biography and Leadership Studies I.D. of the SIP Trunk Introduction: What is a SIP Trunk? Session Initiation Protocol or SIP is a protocol that is utilized for signaling communication. It is mainly used for establishing multimedia enabled communication sessions so that both video and voice calls can be made over and Internet based network (Johnston 2004). A SIP trunk can be defined as a service that is offered by an Internet Telephony Service Provider or ITSP. This service is utilized for establishing a dedicated communication between the ITSP and an enterprise level Internet based Private Branch Exchange or PBX system. This PBX system is a multiple telephonic communications switching and regulating system which helps in managing several voice based communication sessions simultaneously. SIP trunk allows dedicated communication between the ITSP and the PBX which helps not only in making voice calls but also in application sharing, instant messaging, etc. (Magnusson 2007)
Why Should a SIP Trunk Be Used?
SIP helps in extending the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP based communication facilities in an organization. The corporate network can be used to communicate outside its core Local Area Network or LAN. A SIP trunk can serve as an effective but cost effective alternative to similar technologies like Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN), Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), etc. It can also be synchronized with wireless technologies so that geographical barriers can be overcome. (Johnston 2004)
Moreover, SIP provides better voice quality, streaming media service, and facilities of prioritizing voice traffic as per the enterprise needs. In contrast to PSTN services, a SIP trunk has backup solutions so that it can function more reliably without loss or infringement of valuable data in case there is a technical problem or a security breach. (Magnusson 2007)
SIP Trunk Equipment
According to the white paper provided by Ingate, a SIP trunk has at least three major elements. First, it should have a PBX that is provided with a SIP based trunk side (Magnusson 2007). Second, there should be a SIP gateway at the enterprise edge, which will interpret and harmonize the signals originating from or received by the PBX (Magnusson 2007). Thirdly, an ITSP or an efficient SIP trunk service provider (e.g. Ingate, Sonus, etc.) is needed (Sonus 2014; Magnusson 2007). With regard to hardware, SIP enabled telephony systems and IP enabled PBX systems are to be installed in the SIP trunking facility (Johnston 2004).
RFC on SIP Trunk
The main RFC in the context of SIP-enabled communication is the RFC for SIP itself. This is the RFC 3261 (Magnusson 2007). However, according to Cisco (2010, p. 3):
“Although SIP is a standard protocol, it actually consists of a large number of individual standards (IETF Request for Comments [RFC]), and these RFCs have many optional components, as well as alternative ways of implementing the same call flow.”
However, in SIP trunking, RFC 2833 and RFC 3725 are especially important because these RFCs provide for Dual-Tone Multifrequency Relay and Third Party Call Control facilities respectively. Also, RFC 3324 is needed to synchronize the SIP infrastructure with the network to which it is connected. (Cisco 2010; Magnusson 2007)
The most important benefit of using SIP trunks is that they can help in establishing dedicated communication systems. SIP trunks are capable of handing both LAN and WAN based infrastructures and provides ample opportunity to arrange IP based telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, etc. Furthermore, a number of RFCs are available to sort out the key compatibility issues with regard to the SIP trunk facility.
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