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University of San Francisco Application - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This reporter highlights that his life principle is based on the belief that our purpose as human beings is too improve the quality and add value to the lives of other people and the environment.  Since he was a child, his parents brought him up in the Catholics home…
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University of San Francisco Application Essay
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Extract of sample "University of San Francisco Application"

My life principle is based on the belief that our purpose as human beings is to improve the quality and add value to the lives of other people and the environment. Since I was a child, my parents brought me up in a catholic home and endeavored to instill Christian teachings in me so I could lead a moral and pious life.
However, I take cognizance of the fact that helping people is often a two-way process because it is just as beneficial to the giver as it is to the recipient. I did not realize how important it was for me to be charitable until a few years ago when I chanced to work as a tutor in an elementary school in rural China. The children were very poor and the school severely understaffed with only one teacher who obviously could not teach all pupils and many ended up attending school just thrice a week. I was so moved by their courage and strength that when I went back to Pittsburg and told my friends about it, they offered to do something for the children; we made a collection amounting to about $546 that I wired to the school. The experience made me realize that many of the things we take for granted are actually luxuries to some people and whenever one has a chance to improve someone else’s life they should ensure to help them to their level best.
I am currently a student at the Purdue University where I am finance major and I hope that at University of San Francisco I will continue to further my academic course and hone my skills guided by the professionally acclaimed teaching fraternity in the institution. In the same way I feel strongly about ultraism, I am passionate about my studies and especially and I hope to one day become a thought leader in the field. My religious upbringing, as well as multicultural experience, provides me with the advantage of understanding and appreciating the different approaches of people to life issues. Given a chance, I will be a very inartistically motivated scholar always seeking to widen horizons and interact with my teachers and compatriots to add value to our mutual academic experience. My SAT score was 2080, which I believe is well within the range of your requirements.
Furthermore, I hope to use my intellectual experience to come up with financial tools that can be used to create opportunities for the society more so the impoverished. I am aware of the fact that your institution’s objective is to help students acquire knowledge skills and values they need to succeed personally professional and academically. These resonate with my personal philosophy of adding value to the human experience and as a dedicated team player; I am confident to have a positive impact on every group that I work with. In addition, with my cross-cultural experience, I will be proactive in uniting individuals from different cultural backgrounds since I believe we have much to share with each other. As a student in your institution, I will ensure to add value to both the institution and everyone I have the privilege of working with as I also strive from every social or academic experience made available to me in the institution. Read More
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