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Nature has a unique way of informing people at large about the seemingly simple but complex way of transforming events and processes of nurturing and survival. Though we take many things for granted but when in retrospective mood, I am often dumbfounded at the way certain things…
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Species Aroun You
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Nature has a unique way of informing people at large about the seemingly simple but complex way of transforming events and processes of nurturing andsurvival. Though we take many things for granted but when in retrospective mood, I am often dumbfounded at the way certain things and events perform the same task with regular monotony but somehow never become so! The sun always rises from the east and sets on the west and from time memorial, the natural event has served as a guiding force for the travelers and been responsible for the very survival of living organisms. We, human-beings survive on love and fresh air but wonder, if the plants also need tender loving care for thriving?
Love and caring is a very strong factor in the development of the personalities and character of the child. In the environment of loving care and security, children develop into healthy and happy adults. Similarly, the plants, as living organism, should also respond to love and care.
The plant that is nurtured with loving care would be healthier and would grow faster.
Controlled experiment and method
Two houseplants would be used and kept in the same place where they are able to get fresh air and little sunlight. Two persons would take of those plants. One would caress the plant often and sing to it while watering. He will also sit beside it and share his feelings and happy moments. The second person would just water the plants at the right times and leave it alone for the rest of the time. The experiment would continue for 15 days.
The first plant would thrive and grow faster under the loving care. The second plant would remain green but its growth would be stunted or would not be as healthy as the other one.
The experiment would prove that human psychology also works with the same consistency with other living organisms. While the plants are not able to talk and express their feelings verbally but even under controlled environment, they are capable of showing positive reaction to the loving care. The astonishing response of the plant that was nurtured with love and care is actually not so surprising. We are all aware that all animals, irrespective of their behavioral pattern and predatory habits, respond to love and care. Dog is considered to be the best friend of man who is not afraid to put his life at stake for his master but the same dog, if reared in wildness, would kill man to satisfy his hunger. ‘Many plant lovers insist the secret to healthy plants is tender loving care, including some optimistic words spoken to them daily’ ( Hence, one can conclude that tender loving care is an intrinsic part of all living organisms to thrive.
Indoor Plants Improve Atmosphere. Available from: [Accessed 26 July 2009]. Read More
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Species Aroun You Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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