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THIS IS NOT AN Write a RESEARCH DESIGN for a study on a topic of Why some of the civil war (conflicts) last for a very long time (on the example of Gaza Strip, Afghanistan and Iraq ) - Essay Example

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The impact of conflict resolution is a very important issue that requires to be tackled in the best way possible. The benefits of this study will eventually assist the people in…
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THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY Write a RESEARCH DESIGN for a study on a topic of Why some of the civil war (conflicts) last for a very long time (on the example of Gaza Strip, Afghanistan and Iraq )
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"THIS IS NOT AN Write a RESEARCH DESIGN for a study on a topic of Why some of the civil war (conflicts) last for a very long time (on the example of Gaza Strip, Afghanistan and Iraq )"

Download file to see previous pages The resources will be distributed fairly and not directed to fighting their adversaries. The people in of Afghanistan have for nearly three decades experienced nothing but war and this has also led to the dilapidation of infrastructures in the place. The ending of this conflict between them and Pakistan will help in improving the economy as the resources will be assigned to other important sectors in the country rather than the world. The end of these conflicts will also reduce humanitarian crisis that faces the people in these regions and this will improve the health standards of people around (Conference paper 2005).
According to the existing literature, if states are caught up in a trap of endless low-intensity warfare, it is due to poverty, ancient ethnic trends or greed from the neighbors for the precious resources in the country. In Never-ending Wars, Hironaka (2008) sets the record straight by pointing at the responsibility of the international community. Using statistical evidence, Ann looks at the causes of long durations of war by examining how the natural environment contributes to transform local grievances into long-term civil wars. There is continued unaccountability of the continuing civil wars and this helps to fuel the existing wars in the present country. Lack of organization in the said country, lack of resources, poor bureaucratic mechanism and the inability of the countries to enforce law and order are among the issues that are continuously eliciting more and more crisis as there are no mechanisms to help them control their borders. State weakness has also been seen to contribute to the long-term civil wars as they are often underdeveloped in terms of economic and political institutions. Their weakness dwarfs their ability to counter the attacks and hence makes them vulnerable to the states with superior military weapons. As Al-Jazeera (2007) puts it, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY Write a RESEARCH DESIGN for a Study on a Topic of.
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