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Vision in conflict Vol II (opening chapter) - Research Paper Example

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History of mankind has seen conflicts in various forms. In the recent years, the increasing brutality in the methods of conflict and the increasing sophistication in the methods of resolution have created a tremendous gap between conflict and resolution…
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Vision in conflict Vol II (opening chapter)
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Download file to see previous pages Sports can bring normalcy and balance in the lives of the children where post-conflict effects have wrought havoc. Sports and sportsmanship can clear the atmosphere of chaos left by conflict and spread messages of peace. The Olympic Truce, the longest lasting peace accord in history, when contending nations drop their discord for the time being to allow their athletes participate actively in the sporting events, is an example of the effectiveness of sport as a powerful tool for making peace. The Norwegian Refugee Council has found sport to have positive psychosocial effects on children who have undergone post-conflict trauma and displacement and to “help them make positive choices in their lives” (Right to Play, 2004, p.15).
Another vehicle for peace-building that is gaining increasing power in the recent years is religion. “Religion and spirituality offer vital, dynamic and creative resources for peacebuilding,” (Sampson, 2007, p.273). The involvement of religion in peace-building, which used to be sporadic and unplanned for in the past, is giving way to commitments by religious groups, which are now more organized. Religious practitioners now play an important role in peace-building at all levels, including mediation, reconciliation, trauma healing and transformation. Religiously motivated efforts at peacemaking are most effective in situations where religion is not a characteristic of the conflict.
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