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Community Care and Children with Learning Disability: A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary, Community Based Paradigm in Addressing Cognitive, - Essay Example

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Even though there is an abundant supply of general practitioners or physicians that could help children with learning difficulties to cope with the realities of their life and with the activities around them, in school, at home, at the church, and elsewhere, there is still a…
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Community Care and Children with Learning Disability: A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary, Community Based Paradigm in Addressing Cognitive,
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Extract of sample "Community Care and Children with Learning Disability: A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary, Community Based Paradigm in Addressing Cognitive,"

Download file to see previous pages Children with developmental or learning disabilities frequently demand specialized medical care and educational services that are given by numerous specialists or professionals, service systems and social work organizations. One of the biggest challenges facing families and providers is management and integration of care. For instance, children are habitually referred to countless professionals and medical clinics for assessments. Prescriptions coming from the assessments may render into referrals to other professionals for supplementary information, hence creating a sequence of demands on the family and the child that can appear dispersed, overpowering, and possibly unceasing. Moreover, only one discipline assessments may produce inconsistent, vague information that can generate further questions than were initially asked, and may put emphasis on matters that are not main concerns for the child and family (Roberts et al,. 2002). Consequently, the family and local service providers are frequently confronted with similar or conflicting recommendation on the one hand, and discrepancies in information that they particularly require on the other.
Even though there is an advantage in gaining the paradigms of many professionals, the trouble of sorting, prioritizing and consolidating the information produced through discipline definite assessments normally go to the family and community providers. They possibly will have trouble interpret and apply the assessment outcomes to design services and programs in their communities that address the child and family’s present requirements. The community-based interdisciplinary assessment paradigm was designed to address many of these issues.
In the UK, the process of acquiring an assessment starts with a concern that a particular child may not be developing or improving normally. An assessment can be requested by a parent, a teacher, counsellor or therapist, or advocate. A general ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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