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This essay, Community Learning Disability Nursing, declares that the increasing awareness of health care professionals to the arising needs of persons with learning disability focused the limelight to perusal of knowledge on learning disability. …
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Community Learning Disability Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages This discussion highlights that aside from the physical and psychological punches are the psychosocial dilemmas of inequality in access not only to health care services but also in other resources. It then stipulates that learning disability nurses work to dismantle this barrier for the persons with learning disability to pass through to take up a gratifying life.

This paper declares that community nurses provide support on issues regarding their physical care needs, aging, and sexuality. Particularly the main responsibility of community learning disability nurse involves consultancy, assessment, treatment, training, care planning, health promotion, and promoting access to services. In addition to direct clinical and therapeutic role, nurses are involved with activities in delivering healthcare such as health promotion, health facilitation, teaching, and service development. It involves formulation and implementation of a written care plan, utilizing a structured approach with continuous evaluation and re-examination taking into consideration the collaboration with the family members and health team and the concept of person-centered planning. As with any nursing health care delivery, utilization of a care plan is indispensable. Comprehensive assessment must be done in order to identify specific problems and sub-problems occurring which may not be ready recognized by the person with learning disability....
In addition Hall (2004) estimated it to be 25–30 per 1000 with mild and 3–4 per 1000 with severe learning disability in the UK. This number, though not alarming as it seem, deemed the necessity of learning disability nursing’s genesis in the clinical place and community. Gates and Barr (2009) provided a clear definition of learning disability nursing as they stated: “Learning disability nursing is a person-centered profession with the primary aim of supporting the well being and social inclusion of people with learning disabilities through improving or maintaining physical and mental health.” They comprehensively delineated the purpose of this profession to include the assessment of the health care needs of this population in order to aid them on their optimum level of independence. This task is achieved by the nurse by enhancing skills and competence required to meet the evolving needs of these people from birth to death and through collaboration with other agencies and associates. This branch of nursing does not focus only on clinical manifestations of physical health nor specific on mental health, but rather encompass the total well-being of a person in all aspects – physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and emotional (Gates and Barr 2009). Department of Health (2007) in UK reported that the incidence of wide range physical and mental health conditions among people with learning disabilities ceaselessly escalated. These are true to those in the population requiring special attention from biomedicine. Aside from the physical and psychological punches are the psychosocial dilemmas of inequality in access not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community Learning Disability Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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