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Learning Disabilities in Nursing - Article Example

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This paper talks that learning disabilities can be assessed in three realms and these include: intellectual ability, legislative and social competence. When analysing learning disabilities through the intellectual ability lens, one is required to understand what the term intelligence actually is. …
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Learning Disabilities in Nursing
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Extract of sample "Learning Disabilities in Nursing"

Download file to see previous pages Generally speaking however, learning disabilities are defined differently in the UK as compared to other areas of the world. In the UK the term refers to an individual who lacks the ability to learn new skills or process complex information and also to one who manifests an inability to live independently. Usually, the condition starts prior to their adulthood. In Scotland however, learning disabilities refer to persons with lifelong conditions that began prior to adulthood and those ones that impede one's ability to comprehend information, cope on their own or learn new skills.
In terms of prevalence of the condition, it has been shown that the rate has been relatively constant over the past few decades. In other words, there are about three in every one thousand people within the United Kingdom who may regarded as possessing severe learning disorders. This corresponds to about two hundred and thirty thousand people with the disease. Additionally, it has also been shown that there are roughly five hundred and eighty thousand persons with mild learning disabilities. In Scotland, it has been found that there are approximately one hundred and twenty thousand people ho fall within this category.
Causes and manifestations of learning disabilities and the health problems that may be involved
It is essential to identify the causes and manifestations of learning disabilities owing to the fact that it prepares parents to take care of their child without self blame. Additionally, a knowledge of the causes assists in the process of understanding certain manifestations. Also, it goes a long way on being able to ameliorate these effects and understanding the level of risk presented to other members of one's family. (Gates & Loannides, 2005)

Studies have shown...
This paper approves that society has learnt that learning disabilities do not signify the end of the road for persons affected by them. In fact, with the right kind of self management approach, persons with learning disabilities can live successfully. This can be made possible by establishing strategies and skills that could lead to attainment of this matter. In other words, through the establishment of effective ways to accommodate a person with a learning disability, it can be possible to facilitate their learning process and assist them in the process of self fulfilment. Importance for healthcare practitioners to work in partnership with people with learning disabilities using advanced communication skills and understanding issues of consent.
It has been asserted that the key thing behind coping with disabilities is changing patience especially as nursing practitioners.
This report makes a conclusion that understanding the causes and manifestations of learning disabilities can lead to better provision of health care for those people who are living with a person with such a condition. Besides that, understanding learning disabilities can go a long way in enacting preventive measures that could lead to prevalence of the condition.
All in all, it can be said that being a learning disability nurse entails extra skills that may not be prevalent among other nursing fields. This is because there are numerous stakeholders involved and also because due assistance will be required. If all these issues are handled in a responsible manner, then this can go a long way in making the quality of life for an individual with a learning disability more worthwhile. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Disabilities in Nursing Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“Learning Disabilities in Nursing Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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