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Insert name Tutor Course Date Teaching second language to children with learning disability Question # 1 Pros and Cons of teaching second language to children with learning disability Teaching a second language to children with learning disability is both advantageous and disadvantageous…
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Download file to see previous pages Introducing learners with disability to second language enables them to have a view of a different culture, thus provides them with a greater level of understanding of cultural experiences. This motivates their self-esteem and makes the educational life less boring. Eventually, having an understanding of an alternative language of communication enables the children to have a competitive edge when they grow up, especially in the multicultural environment where current businesses operate. Children with learning disability will also have better cognitive capacities when they are exposed to a second language (Bucholz and Sheffler 2). This means that second language students are more innovative and superior to their one-language counterparts in terms of solving complicated learning problems (Ren 33). Krasner (29) has argues that second language children perform better than monolingual children on both verbal and written tests of their intelligence quotient tests. This then implies that learning a second language enables children with learning impairments to achieve a better intellectual flexibility (Ren 35). On the other hand, teaching a second language to children with learning disability can be disadvantageous because it results in language setbacks (Vaknin-Nusbaum, and Miller 520). Learning a second language exerts unnecessary cognitive pressure on the children who are already struggling to cope with normal lessons in their primary language. This strain negatively impacts on the children’s learning than would a normal lesson like Math. According Krasner (34), exposing children with learning impairments to a second language simultaneously with the primary language lowers the quantity of vocabulary that the children can learn within a certain period of time. For instance, if a ‘normal’ toddler’s cognitive ability can withstand learning of an estimated 20 new vocabularies in a month, when he or she is introduced to two languages at the same time their learning capacity might reduce by half. A child with learning disability, depending on the gravity of the condition would learn fewer words than what a ‘normal’ child can do (Woodcock and Vialle 27). Apart from fewer input and understanding of new words, children learning second language may experience delays in general learning caused by difficulty in understanding two languages, which often leads to such children being introduced to second language classes later on in life. But this does not help the matters either. Ren (40) argues that starting off language lessons for a child with learning impairment too late can impede the child’s inability to effectively understand the second language. According to Vaknin-Nusbaum and Miller (521), parts of the brain responsible for language development and memory limit one’s own understanding when new sounds are imparted in them. In light of this, children with learning impairments who are introduced to new language later on in their development will develop a weird accent, which might result in misunderstandings and hinder the use of that language in a professional career. Question # 2 Integrating children with learning disabilities into mainstream classrooms in a Jewish school In the current century, children with learning disabilities are entitled to the same treatment as their ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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