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Part A: Discuss and evaluate the key approaches which could be used to extend the current reading and writing skills of the lear - Essay Example

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Enhancing Learning and Writing Skills in ESOL Classes Introduction This paper would elaborate on the methods to be followed for furthering the learning and writing abilities of students in ESOL classes. For this purpose, the paper would first focus on theories related to acquisition of first language, as well as acquisition and learning of second language…
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Part A: Discuss and evaluate the key approaches which could be used to extend the current reading and writing skills of the lear
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Download file to see previous pages Subsequently, the paper would examine the several factors related to literacy of students of ESOL. Lastly, the write-up would attempt to have an understanding of how various disabilities influence both the learning and also teaching of languages. Before commencing the discussion on the topics mentioned in the above paragraph, it would be of immense help in having the basic understanding of what exactly ESOL means. ESOL ESOL is an acronym for English to Speakers of Other languages, and it is a pattern of teaching that is followed in colleges and community centers. Also, ESOL is present in those schools where, there are a significant number of students requiring help for furthering their abilities related to the language, for ensuring that they can pursue their academic endeavors. ESOL is aimed at enhancing the skills of those people (speaking other languages) who have the intention of staying in the country for a considerable amount of time. As a matter of fact, ESOL is gaining more relevance in light of the fact that there is a rapid rise in students who join state schools, and who are not having much knowledge of English. (1) Theories of First Language Acquisition and Learning The following two theories are almost universally considered to be of utmost relevance, for understanding about the manner in which the first language is acquired and learnt. ...
In course of time, this makes sure that children develop the skill of appropriate usage of language. Here, it has to be noted that the eventual success of child, in terms of language development, is linked with the positive feedbacks that they receive; the more these feedbacks are, the faster the child picks up the abilities. It is clear that Behaviorism gives tremendous importance to the aspects of imitation and practice, which the theory states to be imperative for language acquisition. (2) B) Theory of Wittgenstein: Wittgenstein argues that children learn language by playing various “language games”. In these games, they are enabled to relate various objects with the corresponding meaning, and it is in this manner that the skills are acquired. He opines that the way in which language is learned and games are played is one and the same. Wittgenstein says that during the initial phase when children attempt to speak, the pattern of language used by them is a primitive one. The above-mentioned relation between objects and their meanings bring about an image in the child’s mind, and this he says is just the start of the training. As per Wittgenstein, this process makes sure that the child begins to understand the meanings of several words, and this understanding is related to the concerned social factors. (3) Theories Related to Second Language Acquisition and Learning A) Behaviorism: This is a theory of learning, in which, conditioning plays a major role. This is in the sense that the response a given stimulus evokes has reinforcement, which is either positive or negative, and it is based upon this reinforcement that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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