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An ESP Program for Business English in Speaking and Writing - Essay Example

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1.0 Introduction The ability to speak in a given situation is one which is dependent on the understanding of language and types of communication which should be used. Speaking English as a second language also leads to implications that delay what needs to be done within given settings…
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An ESP Program for Business English in Speaking and Writing
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Download file to see previous pages The requirements for business take a different precedence over other forms of speaking, specifically because the communication levels change the approach to a given job and the way in which many perceive a specific condition. Ensuring that the business English is spoken and written in a form which can easily communicate a message also provides different options for individuals to build into a future career with strong business communication skills. This paper will explore a curriculum which can be used for ESP for business speaking and writing. 1.1. Background Information  The English that is required within a given setting is one which is based on the work, environment and expectations within the given classroom. The field of work which one moves into and the ability to speak in everyday situations is one which is required to further one’s career and the perceptions which they have in society. Traditionally, individuals with lower English speaking skills have been unable to move into and maintain a specific career field. The lack of communication and inability to perceive the ideologies that are associated with a given field creates gaps that relate to the environment. The gap that is in the work force has led to pedagogical strategies that are not only based on those who don’t speak English as a first language but also is built with those who are expected to move into the career field of business (Belcher, 2006). The need to have a pedagogical program for anyone that is moving into the business field is one which also links to the current understanding of how communication changes the environment in business. If the communication isn’t perceived at a specific level then it can lead to gaps that are within the organization. The first evaluation which business individuals will look at is the ability to communicate effectively as well as the understanding that the level of writing and speaking needs to be clear. The clarity is based on specific business terms which are associated with the business majors and how they work in the specific field. This is combined with the views of those who have English as a second language and which note that without the proper use of English speaking and writing for business, there is the inability to further one’s career. This is based specifically on the organizational implications that are associated with the business environment (Bacha, 2008). 1.2. Preview of Key Points  The ability to create a specific relationship to the business and English speaking field is one which is dependent on creating an overall understanding of how individuals need to communicate within a specific environment. The key points which need to be looked into with the business writing and speaking include the following: - General terminology and associations that are a part of speaking English. - Ways communication is used in business - Expectations for business writing and communication - How communication changes between organizational environments - Use of communication with co-workers, managers, etc. - How to write specific ideologies to others within a business for stronger influences and an understanding of the organizational environment 2.0 Critical Analysis of Curriculum Development 2.1. Needs Analysis The development of a curriculum for ESP in business writing and speaking is one which is not completely analyzed or understood. The development of this application began after the 1950s when English was diffused at an international ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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