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Helping Families of Children with Disabilities - Essay Example

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A family's struggle with the needs of an uncared and ignored child begin even before the birthing of such child. The situation is fraught with stress as parents must cope with learning of their child's disability and setting aside their upheld expectations of their future child…
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Helping Families of Children with Disabilities
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Extract of sample "Helping Families of Children with Disabilities"

Download file to see previous pages As Sloper (1999) put it, the manner in which family members perceive and interpret the strains experienced in parenting a facing implications regarding the way in which children's services are designed and delivered child is an important factor for the entire family's wellbeing.
Recent technology has provided means for medical parents and carers to diagnose disabilities prior even to the birth of a child. The responsibility of medical and mental health parents and carers to provide aid to parents in understanding their support in their child's disability begins at the moment of information and realization of the disability.
Most parents of facing implications regarding the way in which children's services are designed and delivered children feel that because of the added attention and care needed by the child, they need to sacrifice more of their personal ambitions and goals. As the child develops it has been observed that some parents feel that they have to compensate for the disability of their child. Overemphasis on the special needs of their facing implications regarding the way in which children's services are designed and delivered child may result in insufficient attention given to his or her siblings. Such practices lead to maladaptive family development. Thus, tantrums and other behavioral disorders tolerated from a facing implications regarding the way in which children's services are designed and delivered child would begin to manifest in the other children as well as they see that their parents endure such behavior. What parents should be aware of is that tolerance of and inability to address the behavioral aspect of a child's disability may lead to abnormal behavior in other children as well. The need for therapists to address the needs not only of facing implications regarding the way in which children's services are designed and delivered children themselves but of their families as well could not be made clearer. With parents and carers taking on the task of catering to the problems encountered by parents, they are affecting the entire process of development the child would be brought up in. Prior to their child's birth parents are likely to have been exposed to professional dominance and consumerism. Because they are ill prepared for the birth of a facing implications regarding the way in which children's services are designed and delivered child, they are likely to rely heavily on the advice of parents and carers. The inability to comprehend the nature of the diagnosis immobilizes parents from responding to their child's situation. When parents and carers determine the diagnosis during the prenatal period and they are able to communicate the same to the parents effectively, parents are able to gradually adapt to their situation. Finally, just as positive regard for the child is important from family and friends, such positive regard is more so needed from parents and carers.
Family Therapy Models
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