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The Role of Activating Home-school Partnership in Education of Mentally Retarded and Its Effect - Essay Example

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Mental retardation is disability in the mind that is characterized by a considerable limitation to adaptive behavior and intellectual functioning expressed din social, practical and conceptual adaptable skills. This paper will analyze mental retardation in students is normally identified by the intelligence testing…
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The Role of Activating Home-school Partnership in Education of Mentally Retarded and Its Effect
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Extract of sample "The Role of Activating Home-school Partnership in Education of Mentally Retarded and Its Effect"

Download file to see previous pages with their peers in the community setting gives them an opportunity to be free and express themselves hence the ultimate development in their communication. Students experience more communication in the activated partnership through interaction than a specialized classroom. A partnership environment setting gives the students an opportunity and supports them in increasing a variety of skills in social, cultural and academic interaction. Furthermore, the students in partnership collaboration develop physical coordination and skills by observing those in the community, school and family. Inclusion of the students in partnership is a vital approach in ensuring that severely retarded students acquire and develop their communication skills just as their other peers (Allen & McLaughlin, 1995).. Thus fully activated home school partnership is important in ensuring the development of communication skills among the retarded students. Typically developing peers The home - school partnership is essential in the development of the mentally disabled students. Peers, both in school and community play an important role in this inclusion process (Cole & Meyer, (1991. Retarded students are given an opportunity to interact and observe the behavior of the typical peers in society hence furthering their development. Peers have positive effects on the life and development of the disabled students. They play important roles of tutors and guides to the mentally retarded students hence contributing positively towards disabled’s development. The peers in the activation process, are helpful in many ways. They help the other students to manage their communications, facilitate their interaction and participation both in society and class setting as well as pairing of themselves and the...
This paper approves that activation of home-school partnership results to changes in the system of education that aims to improve the education. This gives rise to assistive technology that changes the lives of the mentally disabled students as it makes it possible for them to participate in more activities that the previously; you were not able to. Furthermore, the assistive technology recognizes the different unique characteristics of the mentally retarded students thus providing the disparities in the usage for the good of the students. This beneficial and vital technology requires the collaboration of all stakeholders for them to be made available to students. The family should play its part in learning the usage from the schools so as to aid their children while at home to ensure continuity. The collaboration also ensures that the activities done outside the classroom setting but are in line with that class is effectively performed. Aside from the normal teachers, there are many professional facilitators that play supportive roles in the partnership aimed at the successful inclusion of the process.
This essay makes a conclusion that home-school partnership plays an important role in the development of student education as well as achievement at all levels of society. There is better communication, improved teacher student relations and deeper understanding of the behaviors and needs of the students that are realized through this partnership. There is need therefore to increase the collaboration of family, community and schools to improve education and living standards of the mentally retarded students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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