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In what ways did the zeitgeist of cold war america actually influence the work of the Abstract Expressionist Painters - Essay Example

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Abstract Expressionism may be described as an art that gives importance not only to the final product but also to the process of creating the artistic product. In short, Abstract Expressionism may be termed as action painting which is the result of kineticism, energy,…
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In what ways did the zeitgeist of cold war america actually influence the work of the Abstract Expressionist Painters
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"In what ways did the zeitgeist of cold war america actually influence the work of the Abstract Expressionist Painters"

Download file to see previous pages Abstract Expressionism was inspired by the surrealists of Europe who adopted automatism in art, especially in painting. This advanced form of art painting was based on the instinct that art products are irrational and unpremeditated accidents that took a refined form in America during the Cold War. Abstract Expressionist Painters like Jackson Pollock separated themselves from contemporary paintings and invoked a reason to draw unrecognizable images that depicted a particular state of mind. Thus the art forms took shape from the chance and impulse of the person (creator) and created value for itself. This subconscious method of drawing was epitomized by Jackson Pollock by abandoning normal equipments for painting (Strickland, C. & Boswell, J. 1992 p.158).
Jackson Pollock was of the view that Abstract Expressionism made energy visible through mural sized paintings that reflected the painter’s psychic state when the painting was created. Therefore new techniques were used to meet new demands by not using contemporary materials like paint brushes, easel, artistic method of pouring or the use of palette and believed in spreading paint on raw canvas or on the floor (Strickland, C. & Boswell, J. 1992 p.159).
According to Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionism paintings are done after a period of meditation and preparation. The painting is started soon after the thought by walking around the canvas and sometimes on the canvas and by dancing on them. The creation of art also included pouring of paint directly from cans or by dropping it on the canvas. The articles used to paint a picture sometimes included cigarette butts, keys, caps and combs that added to the private and dense character of the picture. Pollock’s strong personality, method of painting and innovative techniques is clearly evident in the film Namuth (portraiture of Jackson Pollock’s paintings) (Doss, E p.340).
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