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Night Mist By Jackson Pollack 1945 - Essay Example

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Jackson Pollock, a great American painter and an expressionist, whose famous work ‘Night Mist’ done in the year 1945 is still considered as one of his great achievements both as a painter and an abstract expressionist.
Jackson Pollock was an American painter and a famous…
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Night Mist By Jackson Pollack 1945
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Extract of sample "Night Mist By Jackson Pollack 1945"

Download file to see previous pages icious and what drove things up a notch was that he was an alcoholic and is said to have had bipolar disorder as well, both of which he combated through his art and artistic expression. Pollock died at the age of 44 in a car accident.
Abstract expressionism was categorical of a passing era in the 20th century. This was a time when Europe was aging and America was young and getting on its feet. The Second World War had just ended and Europe had been so badly affected by it that it was going to declare itself bankrupt. America was a fledgling and attached itself to Europe’s values because it didn’t know any better and thus was also affected indirectly by the changes that affected Europe directly. (Rodgers).
Art historians have determined that there is a strong link between abstract expressionism in this era and the consequent emergence of modern art, most specifically the work of impressionists, cubists and surrealists. (Rodgers). Further, Jackson Pollock himself drew inspiration of his work from the works of Pablo Picasso and was deeply influenced by him as an artist.
If abstract expressionism is to be properly analyzed and understood, the viewer needs to look at the subject matter or content of the painting. The subject is exhibited in the painting through a process and can be analyzed by looking at the different gestures in the painting and the range and depth of the colors used. (Rodgers).
Pollock’s painting has a lot of anger in it. He incorporates his anger in the process of his painting, and as is the specialty of abstract expressionism, it shows clearly in the final product. He is one of the most controversial and influential artists of this century. His works were very original, each piece completely different from the next and in addition to that, his works are studied for their use of scale, texture and color. (Molyneux).
People study art with preconceptions in their minds. According to Jackson Pollock, there are at least 5 things that effect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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