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Abstract Expressionism - Control VS Chance - Research Paper Example

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The paper gives a detailed information about abstract expressionism. Art refers to a cultural component mandated with the portrayal of the society through music, painting, drawing and films among other artistic features. The definition of arts reveals a restrictive nature of art…
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Abstract Expressionism - Control VS Chance
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Download file to see previous pages The research paper "Abstract Expressionism - Control VS Chance" investigates abstract expressionism. It challenges the controlled aspects in art and gives us the freedom to express our own idea of what art is through expression. If you take your time to look at a work of art, it should take you through a process, emotions, and should tell a story, which is what Abstract Expressionism does. From brush strokes, to color schemes, to texture, to geometric and organic shape and line, Abstract Expressionism provides an experience that is reserved for those who are willing to experience a journey of something different and not immediate familiar. Artists such as Hans Hofmann, Jackson Polluck, Franz Kline, Gerhard Richter, and Norman Lewis have been leaders in abstract expressionism through painting and I personally have been inspired through their works. My paintings, mixed media art, and photography are all influenced by Abstract Expressionism. While analyzing the works of these artists, we will discuss the comparison of control versus chance in art and the need for Abstract Expressionism in the contemporary world of art. It emerged soon after the Second World War thereby developing a new trend in painting among other types of arts. Different artists that shared the school of thought appreciated different features of art as they sought the freedom to express their creativity and artistic instinct in the development of art. Abstract expressionism therefore relies on the creativity, energy and action. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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