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He used sticks and paint brushes to paint on a canvas, on the floor stating that he loved painting that way. He clearly appreciated old Native American art from the Indian medicine men of the West (Landau,…
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DISCUSSION Jackson Pollock
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Development of Modern Art through Jackson Pollock’s Art (College Jackson Pollock is known for his unique way of painting in creating art. He used sticks and paint brushes to paint on a canvas, on the floor stating that he loved painting that way. He clearly appreciated old Native American art from the Indian medicine men of the West (Landau, 2010, 10). Though some of the critics of art did not find his art work good, others were impressed of what he did, since it was something new and went beyond the boundaries of art. He painted in order to express his feelings in his art, not to illustrate his feelings (Landau, 2010, 12).
Through his unique art he has influenced artists for fifty years. He is known as Jack the Dripper because of the process he uses to create his work. I think he has made a positive impact on the developments of modern art in America. This is because some of the many artists are coming up with great ideas to express their feelings by painting and coming up with new art. Without the paintings of Jackson Pollock, art would have been work done to please others and not work to make you feel and give life to your art.
Landau, Ellen G. Jackson Pollock. Abrams, 2010. Read More
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DISCUSSION Jackson Pollock Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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