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POLLOCK the film - Essay Example

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One such American is Jackson Pollock who forever changed the landscape of art with his abstract expressionistic paintings. The story of his rise as a…
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POLLOCK the film
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"POLLOCK the film"

Download file to see previous pages There are a variety of sacrifices made by Pollock’s friends, family, and colleagues. For instance, Pollock’s girlfriend and eventual wife, Lee Krasner, sacrifices her own well being and success in order to support Pollock’s painting. In addition to becoming his manager, Lee also takes care of Pollock when he is diagnosed as neurotic and continually tries to help him with his alcoholism. She essentially supports Pollock financially as well because he is not able to sell any paintings due to his inability to change his paintings for potential clients. Lee even appears to sacrifice motherhood because she knows that she must be there to care for Pollock and his mental health problems, in addition to pushing him to continue his art. Later on, she has to sacrifice her own happiness as she puts up with the affair between Pollock and Ruth Kilgman.
Pollock also must make some sacrifices for his art. In the film, the audience sees Pollock struggle to sell his paintings. This is mostly due to the fact that Pollock does not appear to want to modify his paintings according to the tastes of others. Because he refuses to do this, art buyers are not purchasing his paintings. He seems to believe that his art is not as pure, or that he loses some of his artistic integrity if he gives in to the buyer’s desires. He is forced to sacrifice this type of mindset when Life magazine decides to write about him which appears to bother Pollock as he does not seem to want this added attention and seems to believe that he is a phony or a sell out for allowing Life magazine to cover him. Ultimately, he sacrifices his own career and life due to his alcoholism which ends up causing a deadly car cash.
Due to the fact that so much pain and struggle surrounded Pollock’s life and career, the question of whether or not it was all worth it floats to the forefront of the discussion. Without the controversy and early death, it is likely that Pollock would not have been as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Jackson Pollock as an artist
...Jackson Pollock as an artist Jackson Pollock introduced a new metamorphism in the post world war two era of art because he came up with new diversification of abstract art and figurative imagery. Apparently he introduced the new concept of abstract art in which concepts of “pour” painting were introduced. As an artist he revolutionized the field of art in America due to his unique style of painting in whole body was involved. As an artist there are two phases of him in which he transformed. Firstly he was staunch advocate of representational art working like that of Picasso and his role models were mural artworks of Mexican artist but then his life took a new turn when he married a famous artist named...
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...A Review of Pollock Ed Harris stars and directs in Pollock, a project that took him ten years to complete. It is easy to see that this was a real labor of love for Harris; he puts his heart and soul into the movie, even going so far as to gain thirty pounds and grow a beard to portray Pollock in his later years. He is definitely the driving force and reason that this movie succeeds in its portrayal of the dark genius that was Jackson Pollock. After a brief introduction with Pollock on the edge of widespread fame and receiving a phone call from Time magazine, the film flashes back to Pollock in New York living with his...
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...Development of Modern Art through Jackson Pollock’s Art (College Jackson Pollock is known for his unique way of painting in creating art. He used sticks and paint brushes to paint on a canvas, on the floor stating that he loved painting that way. He clearly appreciated old Native American art from the Indian medicine men of the West (Landau, 2010, 10). Though some of the critics of art did not find his art work good, others were impressed of what he did, since it was something new and went beyond the boundaries of art. He painted in order to express his feelings in his art, not to illustrate his feelings (Landau, 2010, 12). Through his unique art he has influenced artists for fifty years. He is known as Jack the Dripper because... of the...
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... Information: One common characteristic of these four paintings that has been featured in this page is the turbulence which i strongly believe demonstrates Pollock mastery in painting because achieving the same is obviously a feat worthy commending. One of the things that come in my mind when I look at the four painting is the automation that must have been involved during their preparation. By this I mean, the abstractness of the images that have been made by the lines, images that appears to lay emphasis on the creativity of the painter. It is this automation that creates an impression of Pollock’s absentmindedness in their preparation. There is no doubt that Pollock made them without any rational control something that opened... up the...
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.... Personally, my use of abstract art seeks to evoke critical thinking of the audience, and with this, connect with many who understand the message conveyed. Among the most renowned artist in the realm of abstract expressionism is Jackson Pollock, who has played a critical role in my art inspiration. Pollock was regarded as a reclusive artist who expressed himself through abstract art, and believed in being with harmony with his painting failure to which, the final product would be a mess. Considering abstract expressionism artists matured during devastating events in the world, it was intriguing how he expressed deep feelings through the unconscious. I believe by involving the unconscious being during...
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...Teacher In your own words, compare and contrast the work of some of the Expressionist Artists presented AND both composers Henry Cowell and Edgard Varèse. Abstract Expressionism was developed during the Great Depression which lent its inspiration from diverse and overlapping sources and inspirations. One of the most popular artist was Pollock whose work emanates unsettling feeling which probably came from his eccentric personality. Another was Gottlieb and Newman whose works feature “pictographic and biomorphic elements transformed into personal code” of an adventure into the unknown (, nd). Both works share the same “eccentricity” in their style but differ from their source of inspiration. This...
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...Review of Pollock (2000) The film, Pollock is a biography on the life of an American painter, Jackson Pollock. Released in 2000, the movie stars Ed Harris, Marcia Harden, Jennifer Connelly and Robert Knott. The film appeared to make a strong impression on the viewers since it is one of the few films that focuses on not just an artist but also art. While the movie is a biography on Pollock, many artists would be able to relate with the film and see themselves or other artists in the character of Pollock. It was perhaps Ed Harriss performance in the movie that makes a strong impression...
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