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ELIZABETH TAYLOR’S PERSONALITY Elizabeth Taylor’s Personality Word Count: 1,017 Introduction Elizabeth Taylor, often lovingly referred to as Liz Taylor, led a very interesting and full life. Here, the following elements will be provided: a brief biography of Elizabeth Taylor; an analysis of her behavior; and a description of how Abraham Maslow would have evaluated Liz Taylor’s personality traits and actions…
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Elizabeth Taylors personality
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Download file to see previous pages 10). This was her first film role, and she played the role of a young equestrian who was competing in a national championship event. This role in National Velvet landed her other subsequent, but perhaps less notable roles, until she filmed Cleopatra, which rocketed her to cult star status. According to Royster (2003), “Indeed, for the rest of her life, Elizabeth Taylor tended most often to apply the excessive blue eyelid makeup designed for Cleopatra” (pp. 225). What Ms. Taylor is also known for is her elaborate relationships. According to the biographical news article “Elizabeth Taylor: News Stories About Elizabeth Taylor” (2011), “During her 79 years, Elizabeth Taylor appeared in more than 50 films, won two Oscars, and was married eight times to seven men” (pp. 1). Ms. Taylor also had several romances. According to the Elizabeth Taylor Biography article (2011), “Elizabeth's marital affairs have been a target of many tabloids” (pp. 1). Ms. Taylor did much charitable work. According to the article “In Loving Memory of Dame Elizabeth Taylor” (2011), she worked tirelessly for raising charitable donations to AIDS victims, gaining more federal funding for AIDS research (pgh. 4). Until her death, she was always supporting her various causes. As stated in Elizabeth Taylor’s Charity Work, Events, and Causes (2011), Ms. Taylor also worked to ensure the ethical treatment of animals by supporting the foundation entitled Dogs Deserve Better (pgh. 1). Certainly, Ms. Taylor was a woman of remarkable talents with assets to further her causes—which were extensions of her graceful and compassionate heart. Hopefully others will follow her example. An Analysis of Liz Taylor’s Behavior, Personality Traits and Observations About Feelings, Values, and Social Relationships Ms. Taylor’s behavior, personality traits, and some observations about her feelings, values, and social relationships will be discussed here. Ms. Taylor was never much of a “drama queen”—except when it came to acting as well as personal life. She was not a standoffish person, but rather was a warm and kind individual thrust into the spotlight of fame perhaps a bit early. However, Ms. Taylor handled all of her interactions with grace and beauty. Even in her declining years, when she no longer could walk by herself, Ms. Taylor radiated a certain glow about her that was unmistakable. One of Ms. Taylor’s personality traits included the fact that she was a serial monogamist—at least, when she wasn’t having an extramarital affair. Why is it that under the long shadow cast by “old” studio Hollywood, such behavior was tolerated? Liz Taylor was indeed a beautiful woman, but what may have compelled her to get involved in such destructive relationships? Of course, no one can really entirely map out the reasons why someone would engage in romances on the side, but it may have spoken to Ms. Taylor because—even though she was very rich—she was continually dissatisfied with what she had or who she was with seemingly many times. Having been married eight times, it seems that she would have been a very fickle wife. Perhaps it could be attributed to her vanity, but perhaps there is also a deeper meaning behind those divorces—that she was seeking something that she could not find in one man alone— ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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