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Current event summary - Personal Statement Example

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It is Obama’s principles that leadership practices that have made him one of the most distinguished leaders in the world today (Leanne & Leanne xv). Obama’s success has…
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Current event summary
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Current event summary In the work of Leanne & Leanne, Obama leadership is one that can be described as good leadership (164). It is Obama’s principles that leadership practices that have made him one of the most distinguished leaders in the world today (Leanne & Leanne xv). Obama’s success has been described neither being accidental nor involuntary, but as one that has been yielded by excellence and his ability to wield excellent leadership skills (251).
Martin Luther is yet another leader who was a prominent civil rights activist. The work of Fandel & Bascle indicates the comprehensive history of Luther is one that explains a leader who was willing, and motivated the society towards championing for their rights (Fandel & Bascle 28). The history of America is one that recalls the towers built by Luther that are transmitted from one generation to the next.
Achua &Lussier indicate that Desmond Tutu is a leader that portrayed a lot servant leadership (332). Tutu derived a lot of meaning from an apprehension that their legacy is crucial in providing their followers with a foundation of self development, accord and companionship (Achua &Lussier 332). Tutu was a charismatic leader who made numerous sacrifices and suffered meaningfully on behalf of his people (Achua &Lussier 332).
Abrams says that Thambo Mbeki is a leader that will be remembered for his commitment to leadership (88). He was dedicated and devoted to the people of South Africa, and fought continuously for his people. He is remembered for his fight against apartheid, and as a president, he attempted to heal the wounds of oppression from previous decades (24).
Curtis & Manning is of the thought Adolf Hitler is one that is a good example of negative historical significance (23). Hitler as a leader during his tenure in 1919-1945, is indicated to have a lot of weaknesses, and used suggestion to lead (Curtis & Manning 23). Though Hitler had a good beginning, he had numerous personal weaknesses that led to his isolation, and label as a dictator (Curtis & Manning 23).
Niagawoe is of the opinion that Charles Taylor, as a leader is one of the major contributors of the Liberian civil war (21). Taylor is accused of corrupt scandals that siphoned a lot of funds from the Liberian government. With crimes against humanity befalling his shoulders, Taylor has a lot of cases to answer with the International Criminal Court.
Laufs says that Robert Mugabe is yet another leader that displayed vices of a manipulative leader (18). Mugabe is a leader that has resulted to not embracing political democracy, an aspect that has been seen not accepting defeat to his opponents in politics. Laufs says that the growth in Zimbabwe is slow and deteriorating due to the continued monopolization of Mugabe in power; anticipation for the future is also at the compassion of Mugabe (10).
Bouckaert says that Muamar Gadaffi is a leader who demonstrated authoritarianism in his headship (29). With his unremitting rush decisions, he found himself on the faulty side of the willpower of the people. This explains the reason behind the delight of the people of Libya after his downfall (50).
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Current Event Summary Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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