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Abstract Expressionism as a Profound Style of Painting - Case Study Example

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The paper "Abstract Expressionism as a Profound Style of Painting" states that the St Ives School did not always completely abandon representation, they embraced the meaning of color and the strength of the visual impact that could be created by bold strokes and strong statements…
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Extract of sample "Abstract Expressionism as a Profound Style of Painting"

Download file to see previous pages The St. Ives School, while not the founders of Abstract Expressionism, were greatly influenced by these American works and in new and profound ways, reached back across the ocean to the American artists and greatly impacted the Abstract Expressionist movement.
The term ‘Abstract Expressionism’ is a term that is most generally applied to a group of artists working in America in the city of New York during post World War II. This movement is considered the first American movement to have a worldwide influence. While the term was first used to describe this movement in 1946 by art critic Robert Coates, the term was first found in Germany in the magazine Der Sturm in 1919 to describe German Expressionism. Alfred Bar used the term in 1929 to describe the work of Wassily Kandinsky.
He was one of the first artists to explore the theories of pure or non- representational abstraction. In the course of the evolvement of his art, he moved from organic and fluid to geometric and ultimately to pictographic styles. (Jubbs, 2008)
The movement is entitled ‘Abstract Expressionist” because of the influences of emotionally intense German Expressionists with the embrace of the abstract schools of Futurism, the Bauhaus and Synthetic Cubism amongst others. The work may be described as an effort to completely make devoid the representational for the basic sense expression.
The particular light of seaside Cornwall was what first attracted artists to the area of West Cornwall around the small town of St Ives. From the mid-1860s when the availability of tube paints meant that artists were no longer confined to their studios, they had the freedom to paint easily outside. This had led to the Impressionists in France and was part of the attraction to the small Cornish town. An artist’s colony was established there in the 19th century which continues to thrive. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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