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Having regard to Jack’s particular academic record which is not exemplary, his family’s lack of financial resources and information about college, I conducted a search online for financial aid for average students. This search uncovered a number of helpful sites, namely…
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Financial Aid
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Having regard to Jack’s particular academic record which is not exemplary, his family’s lack of financial resources and information about college, I conducted a search online for financial aid for average students. This search uncovered a number of helpful sites, namely the Free Scholarship Service Online, Sources of Financial Aid, Student Guide to Financial Aid, Financial Aid for Student Hope Page and Free Application for Federal Aid. Navigation of each of these websites uncovers valuable information for how a student like Jack may qualify for and obtain funding and/or financial aid for a postsecondary education.
The Student Guide to Financial Aid is particularly useful as it provides a search engine that navigates to specific college websites offering information about on-campus financial aid facilities. This will be particularly useful to Jack since his financial needs with respect to funding his education will most likely continue throughout his college enrolment.
A scholarship is perhaps the most ideal method of obtaining financial aid for college since it does not require repayment. In this regard, given Jack’s financial background, this is preferable. According to The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid, average students like Jack who have not obtained a perfect grade point average and has no specific athletic expertise, can obtain scholarships. (The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid) Students with other traits can obtain scholarships. For instance a student may obtain a scholarship on the basis of community service. By opening the link FastWeb scholarship search, Jack can fill in his specific details and his potential to obtain a scholarship and to what extent will be calculated for him. (The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid)
In any event, even if Jack qualifies for a scholarship, the scholarship itself may not be sufficient to fund his college education and he will be required to obtain additionally financial aid to supplement his scholarship. Federal funding is available under the Federal Student Aid also known as the FAFSA. (Qualifying for Financial Aid). An application is available free of charge at Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In order to qualify, Jack will have to demonstrate that he has a “financial need.” (Qualifying for Financial Aid). Although Jack is only required to have satisfactory grades while in school, he is not eligible for FAFSA unless and until he is enrolled in a postsecondary institution. (Qualifying for Financial Aid).
Armstrong Atlantic State University is located in Savannah, Georgia and since Jack wants to attend college in the South East, this particular college and its financial aid services may be of specific interest to him. The Federal Pell Grant is provided via the auspices of the FAFSA fund and is awarded based on the information provided in that application. The State of Georgia’s Hope Grant is available to Georgia residents and does not depend upon grade point averages. The grant pays for college tuition and approved “mandatory fees” and also provides for a book allowance up to US$150 each semester. (The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid)
Birmingham-Southern College offers at least US$13,000 in financial aid for qualifying students. (The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid) To begin the financial aid process, the student is required to complete the FAFSA application online “using code number 001012 as the Title IV School Code.” (The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid) According to the financial aid scale for Birmingham-Southern College for the fall semester 2008, Jack may qualify for at least US$28, 601 since his parent’s combined income is US$34,000 annually. (The Smart student Guide to Financial Aid) The mortgage on Jack’s family home is not factored in since the Birmingham-Southern College does not take into account parent loans when assessing their income.
Colleges searched offer similar funding via the FAFSA. The key to obtaining aid is to apply to a college and to complete the FAFSA form once accepted. The chances are, that Jack will qualify for FAFSA funding via the college he is accepted in. It is also useful to apply for state aid if Jack opts for a college in the state in which he resides.

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