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Master of Human Science (Political Science) Specialised in International Relations, - Essay Example

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The research will analyze some of the significant aspects of the conflict, in order to understand the different notions related to…
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Master of Human Science (Political Science) Specialised in International Relations,
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"Master of Human Science (Political Science) Specialised in International Relations,"

Download file to see previous pages nd conflict, which has been related to Muslim terrorists that are spreading violence in a number of provinces of Thailand, such as Malay Pattani region, etc. Although the region has confronted a number of violent activities for decades; however, the year 2004 witnessed the highest point in such violence. In the year 2005, emergency powers were used by the Prime Minister of Thailand to control the insurgency in the country. Subsequently, the combat became operational in the year 2006, as extraordinary powers were given to the army by the Prime Minister. Until now, the real identity of terrorists behind such violence is still a mystery, and this study will try to analyze different aspects of this conflict.
There has been great governmental conflict going on between the Muslims and the government in southern Thailand due to the false belief that Muslims are involved in terrorism, which has thought Muslims at risk related security issues of the country, and thought to be the center of organized crime, as well as, the drug industry. The roots of conflict between the Malay-Muslim population is due to the perceived discrimination that can be traced back to times when the modern Thai state was being established by the “Chakkri” dynasty. This is known to have taken place in the early part of the18th century; it was also done in an attempt to take over the control of “Patani”. There after the conflict has been there due to the following main ingredients, which have been woven together:
Methodology refers to the overall approach to the research process, from the theoretical underpinning to the collection and analysis of the data. Research methodology refers to a set of tools and techniques used in carrying out the research. There are different types of research, such as, descriptive vs. analytical, applied vs. fundamental, quantitative vs. qualitative and conceptual vs. empirical.
Qualitative research involves analysis of data such as words (from scriptures), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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