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Transformations of Thailand Table of Contents 1. The Background Report 4 Social 4 Cultural 5 Political 5 Economic 6 Historiography 7 Personalities 8 Regional 9 Global trends 10 2. The Case Study Analytical Report 12 Introduction 12 Context 13 Aspects/Functions of the Transformation 15 Lessons 15 Reference 17 Bibliography 19 1…
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Transformations of Thailand
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"Transformations of Thailand"

Download file to see previous pages However, this has undergone change. The civil society gas grown and this has developed a participatory political structure in Thailand. This environment has triggered greater abiding of the rule of law and has implemented a system which is more balanced and effective (Thailand Country Report, p.14). The urban elite society has evolved which remains well connected with the senior bureaucrats, international donors and politicians. The loosely cohering and fragmented party system in Thailand has been restructured. The Democratic Party has become highly institutionalized. The number of parties has increased from 1.65 in 2005 to 6 in 2007 and party fragmentation has also increased. The party system was characterized by multi-member system of district election. The civil society has been evolving and is getting more connected to the business associations, bureaucrats and political parties. The workers’ union has been given greater say and responsibility. The NGOs have grown in importance. They have also formed alliance with the top bureaucrats and political leaders. The conditions of female workers and children have improved over the years. In the rural areas, the responsibility of self-organisations has increased. The village community has become more cohesive and their actions have become more collective in nature (Thailand Country Report, p.13). ...
The Government has implemented policies to allow more cultural space for the Thai-Malays. These efforts were primarily made in favor of preserving the cultural identity of both nations and reducing the impact of the armed insurgency. Thailand has witnessed an increase in the number of programs for creating equal right and opportunities among people (The Asia Foundation, “Resolving Conflict in the South”). The makers of policy have increased their focus on the development of system capabilities to bring about changes in the educational system in Thailand. This has primary aroused out of the response of the global response to the increasing gap between traditional educational capabilities and the demands of the information system (Hallinger & Kantamara, “Introduction”). The Thai schools have introduced lessons on cross cultural studies. The country has become more competent in its ability to adapt to changes. Efforts are being made to build the nation’s abilities to adapt such capabilities. Political Thailand has been undergoing dramatic political transformation. The changes have been incorporated to strengthen the democratic institutions and also as a conflict resolving measure that has been occurring in the Muslim dominated provinces in the southern provinces. The provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat happen to be predominantly occupied by Muslims. The states lying between Buddhist Thailand and Muslim Malaysia are diverse in terms of culture, linguistics identity from the two countries. The development of government policies in Thailand is ethno-centric which has alienated the Muslim community and aroused armed militancy. Transformation programs have evolved for creating and maintaining equal rights and opportunities in favor of the Muslims (The Asia ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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