Production of Frozen Foods for Export in Thailand - Dissertation Example

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The main objective of the dissertation is to examine the feasibility of producing frozen foods for export in Thailand. The first way involved primary research and the second method involved conducting economic, political and demographic analyses of the four countries involved. …
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Production of Frozen Foods for Export in Thailand
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Download file to see previous pages The US and UK's economies were promising but their consumption patterns were not. Both countries had plenty of frozen foods in the market already; this means that Thailand exporters would have to have a solid product and good marketing strategies. All in all, Thailand exporters should proceed with the venture but they should concentrate their efforts in China then the US and the UK in that order.

Declaration 1
Acknowledgement 2
Contents 4
1.1 Background to study 6
1.2 Objectives of the research 15
2.1 An examination of exporting theories as applied to Thailand 16
2.2 Factors that Thailand exporters have considered before exportation 21
2.3 Thai's frozen food industry 25
3.1 Overall research strategy 30
3.2 Secondary research 30
3.21 Why secondary research was chosen 34
3.3 Primary research: Online questionnaires 34
3.31 Why online questionnaires were chosen 34
3.32 Problems of using online questionnaires 36
3.4 Methodology 37
3.41 Sampling design and strategy 37
3.42 The process 40
3.43 Sampling criteria 42
4.0 RESULTS 45
4.12 Feasibility of producing frozen food with reference to a particular exporter in Thailand 45
4.13 Market potential of target countries 48
4. 14 Why the springboard to foreign markets 64
4.21 Questionnaire results 64
6.1 Thailand 69
6. 11 Analysis of Thailand's macro economic situation in relation to its export potential 69
6.12 Analysis of Thailand's frozen food sector and capability 71
6.2 China 72
6. 21 Analysis of Chinese market potential in...
From the statistics indicating the performance of Thailand products in the local frozen food industry, there is a lot of promise for further expansion. The government provides incentives for the manufacture of goods. On top of that, the country is technologically prepared to take up this venture as other commodities have fared very well in the Thai market. The country’s economy has been growing dramatically over the last few years and can, therefore, sustain large-scale production. The country is richly endowed with agricultural commodities which are a crucial part of the frozen food industry. If kept unchecked, it could affect the nature of trade in the country and must be controlled. All in all, Thai is definitely ready for the international manufacturer of frozen foods since it has already started doing this locally.
Consequently, Thailand stands to reap benefits of exporting into China. However, some caution should be taken with the nature of the population. It would be advisable for exporters to adhere to regional preferences while offering foods there. On top of that, Thailand exporters need to be wary of competition from local frozen food producers. Therefore, more quality will out-compete these individuals. On top of that, there are higher chances of succeeding in the market, if the country focuses its sales on the eastern coastal areas first. This is because the urban population is located there and they are more exposed to convenience foods rather than those ones in the central region. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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