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Saudi Arabia - Essay Example

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The essay "Saudi Arabia" gives detailed information about the economy of Saudi Arabia. Through advancements and modernizations, the fish industry created a significant jump in the country’s economy. Once an almost forgotten industry is now considered nearly as precious as oil production…
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Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages The Ministry of Fish Resources is now in charge of all fishing enterprises in territorial waters. This organization tracks the status of the various fisheries and conducts studies designed to improve the status of all fisheries under their scope of responsibility. With this supervision, several restrictions and controls have been implemented, which have had the effect of developing fishing seasons and identifying the various types of shrimp and other marketable fish such as Alenagel.
Thanks to the modern media, the benefits of modern fishing have been demonstrated to traditional fishermen in Saudi Arabia. With the increasing demand, Khalifa Algosaibi helped establish the kingdom’s first modern fishing company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The company introduced modern fishing boats and founded a facility for the manufacturing and storage of fish and fish products. With this introduction, the kingdom witnessed a leap in their economy, marking the foundation of this company as a turning point in the country’s efforts to diversify from its main export – oil. This shift caused a change in the pattern of domestic consumption as well as an increased demand for fish from both the local population and those individuals who have been recruited to work in Saudi Arabia. The primary means for catching fish in both the Gulf and the Red Sea are now benthic trawls and Shanchola nets. The primary seafood caught in the Gulf regions are Kofi shrimp, Gulf shrimp, bathroom fish, Alhamur, Alkanad, and others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Saudi Arabia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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Saudi Arabia

...of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932, the country is being ruled under monarchy, as Gerald Butt, a middle East Analyst, says, “The history of Saudi Arabia is entwined - as much as its name is - with the fate and fortunes of the House of Saud, which traces its origins back to the 18th Century” (2). Indeed the Saudi politics is largely governed by the Al Soud Family members who occupy almost the central executive positions of the government. Due to this royal family-centric structure of the government, some of the western scholars like Mathew Arnold, John Frisby, Nigel Friedman, and others tend to characterize the kingdom as a...
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Dancing in Saudi Arabia

...common in Saudi Arabia is Khaleeji dance. In this women wear extremely loose clothes so that the figure of the women in not visible to the audience. It is mostly performed on private occasions and the women’s attire is normally decorated with beautiful embroidery of colorful flowers or a combination of contrasting colors. In this dance most of the focus is on the women’s shoulders and they move them in rhythm giving an appealing look to the audience along with using their head to show a movement in their hair. That is not all; the dance also includes chest-drops and lots of spinning. In Hijaz another type of dance is quite common and it is known as al-Shiba. In Mecca, Jeddah & Medina is Al-Mizar. In...
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Saudi Arabia

... into Islamic faith, the constitution of Saudi Arabia has been the Holy Koran. The Islamic law, called Shari’a guides the country. The King is bound by such laws, along with the advice of Ulema, the religious scholars. The status of women has improved, as compared to the same that was prevalent during the pre-Islamic period, in Arabian region. However, the same needs lot of further reforms, as the present laws are definitely against females. Incidentally, Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world, where women are not allowed to drive. The oil boom, starting from 1950-60 has brought prosperity and huge economic development to the nation, which is evident everywhere in the country, currently. Pre-Islamic history of Saudi Arabia Before...
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Saudi Arabia the origin of Islam, the country has been keen to preserve its historical richness with the passage of time. Geography Saudi Arabia occupies about 80% of the Arabian Peninsula, measuring 865,000 square miles, just about 25% of the total surface are of the US. This is a big country as compared to the size of other countries globally. The country borders the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Persian Gulf to the east, Oman and Yemen to the south and Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan to the north. On the west, the Red Sea separates it from Sudan, Eritrea and Egypt. Its entire geography indicates a plateau that rises from the Red Sea and slopes down gradually to the Persian Gulf. Even though its mountains rise as...
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Media in Saudi Arabia

... government is made up of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. This is also the case with Saudi Arabia. The executive is made up of the King who is also the prime minister and other two deputy prime ministers together with the cabinet which is appointed by the king and is composed mainly of members of the royal family. The legislature is simply made up of the Consultative Council which is150 member committee which is headed by a chairman chosen by the king himself. All the other members are also selected by the king but in 2003, it was announced that there were plans to hold elections for half of the membership of the committee as a way of enhancing democracy. The judiciary is represented by the Supreme Council of Justice...
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Saudi Arabia Business Ethics

... for most companies. For this reason, creating and maintaining a strong business environment in a foreign market is no longer an option but is rather a necessity. In the contrary, companies can cost millions by making bad impressions on other cultures. Saudi Arabia is dominated by the social stratification system of ‘caste /tribe’ and legally its citizens are strongly governed by rule-oriented state laws and regulations. Consequently, there is a high PD between the managers and their staff. Most Saudi managers assume domination through execution of power as soon as they are appointed to managerial positions. Hofstede and Hofstede (2004) assert that high PD cultures normally have centralized top-down control while low PD generally ensures...
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Saudi Arabia

... economic expansion (Country Studies “United States Economy”). These employable individuals have also managed to keep up the quality of work through their education, technical, and vocational training; and these factors have also contributed to the country’s economic success. The managerial structure in the US is based on a top-down chain of command which helps ensure that business runs smoothly from the management level to the employee rank-and-file. The GDP of the US has been growing steadily every year from its various and diverse economic ventures and endeavors (Country Studies “United States Economy”). In contrasting the US and Saudi Arabia, the US economy has diverse sources of income and a large population of skilled and educated...
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Foreign Workers: Saudi Arabia

... on time or bad treatment by their employers. Foreign workers are employed under the sponsorship system in Saudi Arabia as well as other Gulf countries. Most workers come to Saudi Arabia through an invitation from their employers and they make a working contract with them. The employer can be an enterprise, an individual or even the State, when it concerns a post in the public sector example a doctor or an engineer. This system is highly criticized by international human rights NGOs and it creates a series of grave human rights violations, for example the ICERD. Employers behold migrant workers’ passports and therefore workers are totally at their mercy as they limit their liberty of movement. They are barred from changing jobs and cannot...
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Saudi Arabia

..., it can be said that some of the infrastructure in Saudi Arabia is better developed than that in the United States. The cities of this country are also very well planned and built and these are designed in very modern architecture. It is actually a breathtaking site when one approaches a Saudi Arabian city from a distance; it is truly an image of a beautiful oasis in the desert. This country has a very extensive social welfare system that caters for all its citizens and one could dare argue that the Saudi Arabian social welfare system actually functions better than the one in the United States (Wiley, 1999). Many in the United States believe that since Saudi Arabia is a traditionalist society, it does not have the necessary development...
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The United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia Gender Question

..., it could be quite dangerous to assume that what will work in England will also work in Saudi Arabia. This is because the basic culture in existence there will be significantly different, affecting tremendously the way in which they view certain cultural issues and the importance they place on adhering to their laws, whether one was aware of them or not. One of the greatest areas in which these differences can be traced is in the way in which women are treated or expected to behave within these various countries. Not only laws, but journals, magazines, marketing campaigns and other media ventures can help illuminate the real response to issues such as these through the careful tracking of their targeting efforts. In societies...
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Feasibility of Implementing Business Process Reengineering in Saudi Arabias Small and Medium Enterprises

...References ……………………………………………………………………… 21 - 29 Title of the Proposed Research “Feasibility of Implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR) in Saudi Arabia’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” A Brief Introduction As part of globalization, Saudi Arabia is facing difficult challenges with regards to the trading of products and services worldwide. Aside from the after effects of globalization, SMEs in Saudi Arabia are also facing economic challenges as a result of the Kingdom’s accession to the WTO. Overcoming such challenges may require creation of a specialized agency dedicated to supporting the development of SMEs....
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Relationship between Money Supply and Inflation in Saudi Arabia

Over the recent past, the effects of money supply, debt and inflation have become contentious issues for debate. Furthermore, frequent cautions concerning the risk of very large budgetary deficits aver that this would send up the upcoming state debt and capital rate as indicated by the rates (interests). As a nation, Saudi Arabia has a bi and enduring budgetary deficit over the past two decades and the government has been forced to go into the market so as to have loan access and to make up for the deficits. Given the impact of this on inflation and other economic variables, it's imperative and of great alarm for strategy architects (strategists) to understand how microeconomics has an effect on money supply, financial plan defici...
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Cultural Differences and Similarities Between United States and Saudi Arabia

.... However, from a general viewpoint, the differences in culture seem to be more than the similarities. Case in point, the Americans belief and role of religion is different from that of the Saudis. In this regard, the Americans do not attach a significant value to religion in their daily lives. On the other hand, religion is the most important thing amongst the Saudis. Effectively, the religion dictates the rhythm of life to the Saudis and its role in the society and the country is significant. Nevertheless, while too many people think that there is nothing common about the cultures between United States and Saudi Arabia, there are similarities and...
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Primary Care Nurses and Doctors Views of Managing Childhood Obesity in Saudi Arabia

... changes in lifestyle and nutritional habits over the past few decades, with obesity affecting one in six children aged 6 to 18 years old. Clearly there is a need for the development and implementation of childhood obesity prevention programmes in this population, with an emphasis on primary care intervention, allowing practitioners to initiate structured obesity prevention programmes. This research sought to explore the views of primary care nurses and doctors towards the management of childhood obesity in Saudi Arabia, through a qualitative study drawing on in-depth interviews composing of 6 practitioners through convenience sampling selection. These interviews focussed on identification of the nature of their experiences; their views...
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The Financial Support of Enterprises in Saudi Arabia

...multiplier impact on the level of employment as well as economic progress made in the country. Despite their importance, SMEs, however, lack the required financial support in order to expand in size and contribute more towards the economic progress of the country (Hertog, 2012). Gulf areas in general, and Saudi Arabia in particular, are oil rich regions with the economy being driven by the large oil producing organizations. The required financial support for the SMEs, in order to strengthen their capability to further contribute towards the progress of Saudi Arabia’s economy, is however somewhat lacking. This is despite the fact that SMEs have evidently exhibited great...
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Estimation of The Wet-bulb Globe Temperature in Saudi Arabia Resources Sector

... research based on experimental design, this study shall seek to provide analysis into the WBGT index application on the resource sector in Saudi Arabia by using LASCAR, EL-USB-2-LCD+ relative humidity and temperature data loggers. Even though there are more specific methods that can be used to determine the heat strain on an individual based on their own physiological measurements, the WBGT index is an internationally used standard in the specification of the risks to the heat stress at the workplace. Special equipment not commonly found in weather stations such as the wet bulb globe temperature, LASCAR EL-USB-2-LCD and relative humidity and temperature loggers will be used as the core instruments in the measurement of the heat stress...
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Social Practice and Food Waste in Saudi Arabia decompose and/or destroy. Food Waste: The issue as represented in Saudi Arabia: Taking the case of Saudi Arabia as a point of analysis, all waste is disposed of in landfills or dump sites that are expected to reach full capacity within the following 10 years (Khan et al., 2013). Additionally, as the Saudi Arabian economy shifts from an economic base of oil and gas production to one of industrial manufacturing and service sector provision, the overall level of waste that is generated and stored by the nation’s landfills has increased astronomically over the past several years. For instance, construction debris in Riyadh reached 2.1 million tons as of...
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Two Water Provision Methods in Saudi Arabia

...of the population is partly to blame for the increased water shortage in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is one of the notable examples whereby the water crisis is fast unfolding today. Its located in one of the driest areas that is covered with approximately more than 90% by deserts with very few lakes and rivers to obtain the fresh water in order to sustain a population of 25.7 million. Its average annual precipitation ranges from 80mm-140mm (Depledge 208). This report aims at comparing two feasible water provision methods that should be enacted in Saudi Arabia. The two proposed methods are water recycling and desalination with respect to basic two requirements,...
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Saudi Arabia Food Situation

...with the private sector giving significant support to consumption. Due to these trends and factors, the economic analysts have projected a possible increase in the 2015 GDP to 3.6% for Saudi Arabia. The real private consumption can, therefore, be projected to about 5% in 2015. Besides the short-term boost provided by the wage payment bonus in 2015, the retail sales are expected to increase due to the structural factors. The boosting structural factors to the consumption include an increase in urbanization rates, favourable demographics and disposable income.The Saudi Arabia nationals participation in the private sector is increasing due to the government’sprogramme...
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Health Care Finance in Saudi Arabia

... in Saudi Arabia is being enhanced by the enhanced by the government. The civil charity programs contribute extensively in enhancing and financing health activities especially in the marginalized areas in the country. Therefore, the government’s finance to the health faculty is complemented by finances from civil charity organizations. The health-related organizations under the UN play a major role in the extension of financial health through civil charity programs. Therefore, is initiating charity programs in conjunction with organizations that are willing to extend financial assistance to the country’s health sector. Ministerial committees are being set up and some are already in place and their role is to enhance the coordination...
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