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How the Zomia interacts with Thailand politics - Research Paper Example

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Thailand has seen been a victim of major political crisis and its location in the southern part of Asia has been a factor addressed by many scholars while establishing the underpinning elements of the crisis. The nature of leadership, as shaped by the countrys historical…
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How the Zomia interacts with Thailand politics
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Extract of sample "How the Zomia interacts with Thailand politics"

Download file to see previous pages The 2006 coup de tat and other physical elements have been attributed to the two camps. The strategic position of Thailand in Zomia has been seen as a key element that has shaped the nature of politics of this nation, as some elements of the past are still prevalent.
Thailand is situated in the epicenter of Indochina peninsula in the Southeastern part of Asia. Thailand politics has attracted attention all over the world. It has a monarchy kind of leadership with the current leader being King Bhumibol Adulyalje, Rama IX (McCargo & Hongladarom, 2004). The king has served the country since 1946 and has been termed all over the world as the longest serving personality in his capacity as the head of state. His monarch has served the longest in the history of monarchy in Thailand. The nation is at present ruled by a military junta that seized power in 2014. The politics in Thailand are characterized by a number of elements as influenced by the culture of the one Zomia and those from the lowlands. The recent political crisis in the country since the wake of 2005 has seen the onset of two perspectives; the yellow shirts and the red shirts (CNN, 2008). People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) and the Peoples Power Party (PPP) have played a big role in the recent political crisis. The conflict between the two parties would later translate to a conflict between Democratic Party led by the Prime Minster Abhisit Vejjajiva government and the National United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD). UDD followers normally dress in Red Shirts while PAD followers dress in Yellow shirts (BBC, 2012). The yellow color is preordained to embody the royal aspect of the reigning king of the nation. The UDD red code is a sign of support to Thaksin Shinawatra, a deposed prime minister.
Thailand is a center of two bitter camps, the Red Shirts, and the Yellow Shirts. The birth of the color codes is more dependent on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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