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Textbased Reading Assignment - Essay Example

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The core study in philosophy arises on Man. It is because Philosophy is a quest for the ultimate truth and man is a rational being, unlike other corporal being (i.e. component of form and matter or is commonly called as small being), who is the only being that is capable of thinking and asking for what is truth or the truth…
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Textbased Reading Assignment
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Extract of sample "Textbased Reading Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages And upon this departure, "happiness" is coined up as the response to its inquiring mind as its ultimate end of its quest for truth.
The Epicurean teaching of happiness as described in the study of philosophy entails the idea or that collaborates with the theory of "imperialism" (i.e. a form of knowledge acquired or is that knowledge perceived by the use of our senses or the process called sensation). It is by the reason of providing the idea of "casualty" (The principle of cause and effect relationship) in viewing or in understanding the concept of happiness in the Epicurean teaching, as of that which is motivated by the direct encounter to the corporeal world (material world) or the things seen or being felt present in the reality. And thus, this encounter with the corporeal world gives us the effect or the idea of both "pleasure and pain".
Moreover, in realizing what does Epicurus mean by saying that pleasure is our "primary native good" connotes of that "good" in relation to "feeling" as a means or tool of its criterion for happiness. In this manner, the role of sensation provides as the key to understand in having the concept of "pleasure" as that which satisfies one's (individual) need. Pleasure then takes place upon describing certain stances that serve as an appetite towards living or its existence. Thus, the Epicurean concept of pleasure as a "primary native good" gives us the idea of understanding as the first step of its hierarchy of attributing towards a self fulfilment or a happy life.
According to the Epicurean teaching, pleasure should not always be the choice or our option to select at. It is because it entails (in Epicurean concept) the idea of consisting "Primary and Congenital good". To illustrate such concept, in understanding the idea of "primary good", it gives us the thought of a skin form or level of understanding the concept of "pleasure" as a matter of "feeling". And thus it leads us to the idea of "sensation" that construct upon this concept of primary.
The Congenital good persuade upon the concept or the idea of understanding to what is there seen not present in the reality but only find in its existence in the "world of forms or ideas" (the word "world of form" originates in the Platonean Concept). Thus, its essence (the nature of its being) provides us the thought of that is innate to its characteristics. And thus, evaluating these two factors (Primary and Congenital good) speaks of a subjective interpretation or judgement because of its approach of arriving of its own idea.
As stipulated in the Epicurean doctrine, "A person who does not have a pleasant life in not living sensibly, nobly and justly, and conversely the person who does not have these virtues cannot live pleasantly (Epicurus, Leading Doctrines, p. 53, 5th paragraph). In view to this quotation, indicates that the Epicurean teaching doesn't agree that it is possible to lead a virtuous but unpleasant life. To depart from these lines, pleasure connotes a connection to moral virtues of man or a person that is associated to hi being. Moral good then construct a definition towards a good life. Therefore, such concept perceives or illustrates an idea that it is impossible "to be" and "not to be" at the same place and at the same time.
The researcher's analysis unto this study to the Epicurean way of teaching of understanding pleasure relating to morality, as with regards to the impossibility of having virtuous and yet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Textbased Reading Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Textbased Reading Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Textbased Reading Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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