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The author’s main point is that the internet makes people smarter. The arguments are based are on interviews on 900 experts and most supported this argument (Whitney,…
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Reading Assignment
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Reading Assignment “The Internet Can Make You Smarter Experts Say” by Lance Whitney. Summary The article was written by LanceWhitney and it is titled “The Internet Can Make You Smarter Experts Say”. The author’s main point is that the internet makes people smarter. The arguments are based are on interviews on 900 experts and most supported this argument (Whitney, 2010). Most of the experts stated that the internet improved knowledge acquisition, reading and writing. It can be noted that some were not ready to join the bandwagon and refuted this argument. The internet is seen to have made grammar and spelling worse. However, it has improved reading and writing through the combination of visuals and sound. The article notes that although, there are some negative impacts that are associated with the use of the internet, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
The author precisely means that the internet makes people smarter. However, he notes that it do not necessarily make individuals smarter at all times (Whitney, 2010). The author makes use of an inductive argument and makes use of facts to convince the audience. These arguments are effective and convincing to the audience. I agree with the arguments expressed in the article since they are based on facts. His research is also based on those expressed by experts in different fields. The author’s major argument is based on the claim that the internet makes people smarter. Her sole purpose is to persuade and the arguments are based on opinions. The sources used in the article are reliable since most experts agree on one thing. The tone of the article is persuasive. There are no biases on the author’s side. Logos appeals are employed to evoke thinking. Not all important angles were covered as no statistics were provided to support the claim. This is also the weakness in the reasoning presented.
I agree with the author because the internet has resulted to easy and quick access of all sorts of information. The ideas connected with mine based on the few setbacks that are linked with the internet.
“Critical Thinking Crucial in the Information Age” by Massimo Pigliucci.
The article is titled “Critical Thinking Crucial in the Information Age” and was written by Massimo Pigliucci. The article stated that critical thinking is not given the significance it deserves in the modern world. This is supported by the arguments made by Socrates on knowledge (Pigliucci. 2011). The article states that knowledge and ignorance are both the major causes of evil. The author states that ignorance is the major cause of evil in the major cause of evil in the modern times. The article expresses that it is difficult for human beings to prove facts unless they are experts in various areas.
The author states that although we live in an age of advanced technology, critical thinking is not a common phenomenon. The author uses inductive arguments and informative appeals to reach his audience. I agree with the author as his arguments are based on facts. His main goal is to inform. His key argument is that critical thinking is not a highly prioritized issue I the modern times (Pigliucci. 2011). His arguments are based on opinions. The sources of his work are reliable. The author is biased against the era of progressive technology. The author uses a reprimanding tone and he appeals to logos. Information on the positive impact of technology on critical thinking was excluded. The weakness is that the article failed to look at both sides of the story.
I agree with the author on the argument that critical thinking is not highly emphasized in the modern times (Pigliucci. 2011). The author states the individuals do not pay attention to critical thinking issues and this is why he states that it should be emphasized in all sectors. I feel that the internet results into improved critical thinking as there is improved access of information.
Pigliucci, M. (2011). “Critical Thinking Crucial in the Information Age.” Retrieved from hinking-crucial-in-the-information-age/#.VAqGg0tupuY
Whitney, L. (2010). “The Internet Can Make You Smarter Experts Say,” Retrieved from Read More
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Reading Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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