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Primacy of Reading in the Information Age - Essay Example

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This paper "Primacy of Reading in the Information Age" focuses on the importance of attentive reading that can never be undermined regardless of the times we lived in before or the times we are living in now. Critical reading helps students and professionals alike to grasp the essence of a subject. …
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Primacy of Reading in the Information Age
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Extract of sample "Primacy of Reading in the Information Age"

Download file to see previous pages In today’s era of information boom, it is all the more pertinent to read in a discreet manner so as to glean only the required amount of information for a given purpose. With information aplenty in the world of the Internet, there is no need to congest the brain with heaps of entropy that are of no relevance to a particular cause or causes. Rather, it is imperative to sieve information as regards its relevance and credibility. Since students are the primary recipients of information, universities, colleges and other academic centres worldwide have been rigorously trying to facilitate dissemination of knowledge across all offshoots of learning and information sharing. In-house knowledge-based campuses have been set up in many of the pioneering educational institutes around the world to help students and teaching staffs interact with each other meaningfully and on a regular basis, so that fruits of learning can be shared and circulated among diverse outgrowths of education. Similarly, multinational business ventures to have focused on utilising the available resources for reading to engage business partners, shareholders and stakeholders in a profitable communion of dealings. A student pursuing higher education in business management, for example, needs to be updated on the latest developments that are taking place in the world of finance and strategy making. There is no value whatsoever for average intake of information. Given the dynamism of the global economy, any branch of business literature, just as academics, demands persistent familiarity with the current trends and developments. What reading does is it helps to process the information in a congruent and perceptible manner. Based on this premise, this paper critically discusses the importance of reading as a skill to hone on individual ability to comprehend and interpret; think; communicate and process information.
Education is the backbone of success. Irrespective of whether an individual wants to pursue a career in academics or some other ventures, a sound educational platform provides technical impetus as well as personal confidence for faring well in colleges and universities.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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