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Why Women love to wear High heels - Essay Example

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This study outlines the women’s perception over high heels and how this affects their perception of life and success. Also, the essay gives an ample evidence that high heels are more than just a shoe style, it is a statement of progress. …
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Why Women love to wear High heels
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Extract of sample "Why Women love to wear High heels"

Download file to see previous pages The study shows that for the actual basis of interview, women ranging from the ages 16 and above shall be interviewed and asked several questions. They are to be randomly chosen by the researcher giving a chance for random answers to come forth. Meanwhile, the survey analysis shall be sent to at least 15 women of random ages and random races so as to have a better view as to how they perceive wearing high heels based on their age and their cultural origin. Basically, this process shall be embraced by the researcher to set apart women who are fond of wearing high heels from those who are less interested in them. From there, the researcher shall try to identify the separating identities of the sample population asked to participate in the research and which of these characteristics are common among those who love to wear the heels.
This section of the study further aims to simply the most effective ways of understanding the ways by which women perceive the need and the want to wear high heeled shoes. With the use of a five-point summary and an implicative presentation on the summation of the collected data within the study, the conclusion of the research shall be presented herein.
Closing the research with a remarkable recommendation on what women should do to balance their views on fashion, personality and health shall further make this study more than just an explanatory source of identification on how and why women are practically attached to using high heels from then until now and perhaps even in the future.
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