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Micro Soft Corporation is one of the largest companies in the world that has set up branches in many countries. It deals with production of information technology software. This paper will evaluate human resource management in Australia in light of Microsoft Corporation.
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Managing the human resource environment
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Download file to see previous pages Human resource management takes the consideration that the workforce is the most important asset that an organization holds and hence it must be given priority for the organization a competitive edge. Human resource management stipulates that having a skilled and well catered for workforce can help an organization to have a competitive advantage that may be difficult for other organization to replicate. Hence human resource department works to develop the workforce of the organization. (David, 1998)
Human resource department is bestowed with many responsibilities as far as the development and training of the work force is concerned. First it is given the role of recruitment. It determines the labour need of an organization and carries out recruitment to ensure that it gives the best labour to the organization. Second it is also given the role of staff development and training. Human resource management is given the duty of training and developing the staff. It conducts continuous study of the staff and in work training in order to give the organization a competence work force. Third human resource is given the duty of looking at the welfare of the employees in their work. As such it works for the employees to address various issues that pertains them. Human resource also worked with other department in the organization in order to ensure optimal performance of the employees.
Human resource managers must have some basic skills in order to carry out their duties. They must have the necessary organization skills that will help them in coordinating the work of the human resource department. They must understand the workforce very well and understand the difference kinds of people constituting the workforce. As such, they should have an understanding of theories of personality and the psychology of the work force. They must also be skilled counsellors since they will be handling various cases regarding the workforce and even settling disputes between the workforces.
In its operation the human resource management is faced with many challenges. The management of the workforce is faced by many constrains. The integral of the function of the human resource department with other department is one of the areas posing greater challenge. This is due to many areas of conflict concerning the function of the departments. Handling of employees is another challenging area in the department. Many of the employees who feel patronage in the organization sometimes fails to recognize the authority of the department in carrying out its functions. Acting as s mediator between the organization employees and the administration, the department is faced with the challenge of harmonizing the needs of both parties. Sometimes it finds it difficulty to lean on one side of to take side on the issue so as not to appear as partisan. (Dudik, 2000)
But strategic human resource management has and other human resource management strategy has been applied in a creative way in order to address some of these challenges. The organization has been able to come up with at strategic resource management place the addressed the need of the employees and at the same time address the need of the organization.
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Managing the Human Resource Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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