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The analysis of core audience of GolfOnline Magazine - Essay Example

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This magazine appeals to the typical golfer. A typical golfer would be male, 39 years old, has a household income of $63,300, plays 21 rounds per year, and is an active consumer. According to data given by GolfOnline, their users are in average:
They generally are employed as C-level executives (WebIndex 428), 70% of them are professional/managerial level or higher, and 77% own their own primary residence…
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The analysis of core audience of GolfOnline Magazine
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Download file to see previous pages They like to be well-informed; especially when it comes to their favorite sport (Golf).
The most important values used to segment this magazine's market are: Income (Demographic), and Lifestyle (Psychographic): the Golfer lifestyle. The consumers of GolfOnline have a high income, which allows them to afford an expensive sport such as Golf, which requires special equipment and traveling. They love sports and Golf is their passion.
The magazine's audience is, as described on their website, "an affluent, professional male audience with high disposable income and propensity to buy". They travel frequently and 83% of them research or purchase travel packages online. They spend a lot of money in Golf equipment, 89% plan to purchase new equipment this year. The readers are interested in learning more about the sport; they are interested in hiring Golf teachers and getting lessons.
Famous golfers such as President Bush help create an image of what the Golfer lifestyle is like. According to an article for Golf Magazine by reporter Harry Hurt cited on CNN, "golf just may be the sport of presidents". "Golf has been used by presidents and presidential candidates for years. For example, President Eisenhower was the first president in office to really associate himself with golf".
They have good taste and appreciate quality in what they buy. They are interested in Real Estate, and usually they think long-term, investing in properties and business.
3. Advertisers of GolfOnline
GolfOnline works above all with sporting, travel, entertainment, technology and automotive industries. According to their information, they have worked with over 200 clients within these industries. As of this date, they advertise the following categories and brands:
Online Shopping - Golf Products
The Range Instruction Videos
Ameriprise Financial Services
Travel Packages
Myrtle Beach Golf Trips
Ocean City Golf Getaway
The strongest product categories are the automotive, they have three different brands: Jeep, Mazda and Cadillac. The target consumers of these products are likely to read Golf Online. They have the resources and the taste to acquire these kind of "high-involvement" products. The category itself is an expensive product, but the brands advertised are also expensive within their own category; Cadillac is the brand for luxury automobiles, it's classic and elegant. The New 2006 Cadillac DTS has the slogan: "Presence. Power. Performance".
Mazda advertises the new Miata MX-5 with the concept of Oneness with the car. It is also important to note that it advertises a road trips across America. It's using the experiential marketing, by offering "Great Road Trips" across the country so that the consumer associates an exciting experience with the car.
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