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Business management work - Essay Example

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Change is unending, and it would not be very hard to characterise any particular ten-year period during the twentieth century as a decade of change. With the exclusion of key disruptions for instance war or revolution, it is challenging to tie social change to a particular point in time…
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Business management work
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Download file to see previous pages Economic recessions and periods of growth are noticeable and instantaneous demonstration of change, which have a direct consequence on the experience of employees, households as well as work organizations, and would be drawn upon in any elucidation of actual events. Though, fluctuations in the economy, significant though they are, have to be renowned from fundamental trends which might cause pressures towards a more basic reshaping of social institutions.
Here we would categorize a series of associated developments which have frequently been discussed under the general rubric of a supposed transition from 'Fordism' to 'post-Fordism'; i.e., a shift from the predominance of economies driven by manufacturing industries characterized by a mass, somewhat homogeneous, semi-skilled workforce, towards economies dominated by employment in services, linked with a more heterogeneous, fragmented workforce. These 'ideal-typical' production systems have their organizational associates. Large-scale productive activities were escorted by bureaucratic systems of personnel administration and steady organizational careers. The growth of flexible production systems, it is argued, has been escorted by organizational 'delayering' and the turning down of the long-term, single organization, career.
The move to service employment ca...
For instance, in Britain, employment in services has grown from fifty-three per cent of total employment in 1971, to seventy-three per cent in 1993. Developments in technology have been of substantial importance in facilitating flexible systems of production and work organization in services, which by their very nature frequently have to be accessible outside the 'standard hours' linked with the 'standard worker'. In addition the product of service work the service needs the exercise of different qualities and skills, often of an interpersonal nature compared with those linked with manual and low-level work in manufacturing industry.
The coming out of new occupations, and the restructuring of old occupations and skills, has produced new problems of control, classification and regulation. During an industrial era (in the West) dominated by large-scale manufacturing industry, the regulatory systems which emerged leaned to be dominated by those established in the leading industries, even though there were, certainly, noteworthy cross-national variations in this regard.
'Fordism' and the supremacy of manual trade unions have as well been associated to Keynesian economic strategies of demand management and other forms of macroeconomic intervention. In Britain, the Conservative government has since 1979 rejected such efforts to regulate the economy, and has been committed to a fundamental market philosophy, endorsing increased labour market flexibility. Therefore succeeding Conservative governments have hunted to remove or privatize welfare protections and regulatory institutions, to rouse the market for labour and skills by dropping rates of income tax at the upper levels, as well as to shift the balance between direct and indirect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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