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This essay talks about a good HR manager who is the core business of every company that wants to start a business. The mode of hiring and employee management is the most critical affair that affects the success of any form of business. There are many issues that arise in HR…
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The HR and Business Management Book
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Book review on HR Good HR management is the core business of every company that wants to start a business. The mode of hiring and employee management is the most critical affair that affects the success of any form of business (In Ehnert, In Harry, & In Zink, 2014).There are so many issues that arise in HR as well as the importance of HR creating a very big gap. For companies that find they are experiencing the gap and the dilemma of how to handle the two issues, they got a solution in the excellent HR and business management book authored by Lin Grensing-pophal.
The first part of the HR and business management book tackles the hiring process. The employees in the HR department can understand the typical issues to be considered when hiring. They also learn the process and steps of job creation as well as how to come up with adverts for jobs. They also learn and discover the secret of getting potential hires, prepare for and conduct interviews. The book also explores ways in which one can check for references, selection criteria of the best and final candidates and how to make the job offers.
The HR and business management book also explores and addresses the critical issues that affect employees. For instance, it addresses intellectual property rights of every hired individual. It also addresses company policies and issues that are related to pay and the working hours. The book addresses the issue of employee absenteeism, evaluation of performance, benefits of working in the company business, and the process of dealing with problems encountered by hired staff (In Ehnert, In Harry, & In Zink, 20140. The topics are comprehensively covered about HR as well as an overview discussion of HR issues.
Another section deals with the legal issues related to HR. It explores the issues from the process of hire and information based on legal guidelines. It gives insight on how employers should handle their employees legally. A good example is where in one section, the author provides warning areas of pre-employment questioning. In another section, it provides information concerning terms and conditions of the workplace that needs to be signed by the employee or rather the hired staff.
The book also contains information on how to develop an informing letter to confirm employment. It also has a section on personnel records, confidentiality or rather a nondisclosure, a covenant for non-competition, the warning letter on disciplinary cases as well as the letter of dismissal. The book also contains information on the procedures for maintaining employee relations and how to deal with conflict management. It also guides the leaders on the assimilation of new talents into a company as well as excellent organization cultures.The book also contains rich information on how to come up with a vision and a mission of the company. It also proposes the best work design of any office for the comfort of customers and the staff. The guide to motivating employees is also part of the book.
In summary, the book HR and business management is aimed at helping companies make the workplace a better place for productivity and success. It provides all the guidelines, and it is the best book for a starting company as well as organizations that have a dilemma in the hiring process and maintenance of clients and staff.
In Ehnert, I., In Harry, W., & In Zink, K. J. (2014). Sustainability and human resource management: Developing sustainable business organizations. Read More
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The HR and Business Management Book Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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