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Critical Assement of Irving vs. Irving - Book Report/Review Example

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Irving has been written by Jacques Poitras and the book contains several important facts about the Irving family and their businesses. The book has gained its fame immensely because it provides significant information about the nature of business capitalists towards…
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Critical Assement of Irving vs. Irving
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Extract of sample "Critical Assement of Irving vs. Irving"

Download file to see previous pages The book is a lively collection about the relationships that the Irving family maintains along with the working condition of the journalists and editors in the newspaper company. The author has been able to accomplish his precious work by conducting extensive interviews with former editors and journalists, politicians, academics and with some of the members of the Irving family.
Poitras, the author of Irving vs. Irving has revealed that the Irving family has some essential family guidelines that they follow. The business organizations of the Irving family are also situated on some essential guidelines that are generally regulated by the higher officials of the organizations. According to author, the Irvings have disregarded the distinctiveness of media enterprises. The Irvings try to implement special management techniques in the newspaper sector instead of implementations of the technologies in other businesses, such as energy, trucking and forestry. It is significant that the Irving family owns most of the newspaper companies in Canada but their emphasis also been on the stability of other businesses. In order to maintain the profitability and sustainability of the newspaper business the Irving family has initiated some strategies that could increase the productivity. It is essential to understand that the Irving family has already set-up a good reputation in the newspaper business and the existing production of newspaper profits the company greatly. The maximization of the production of newspapers signifies the de-professionalism nature of the Irvings. The Irving family’s business is distributed in the entire country with almost 300 companies and the newspaper business is one of the most essential businesses because it contributes a huge amount of profit among the businesses that are currently possessed by the family (Poitras, 2014). The newspaper business has become a monopoly in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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